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Virtual Tool to Provide Glimpse at What Skin-Care Results Will Deliver

New technology being unveiled for the first time is designed to measure the precise state of skin and simulates potential skin changes in live video.

For anyone who ever wondered what improvements a new skin-care product could make on their complexion, there is now an instant solution.

ModiFace, the augmented reality company which has technology for women to virtually see how a lipstick or eyeshadow looks, now has a tool to simulate skin transformation in live video.

Called Skin AI, the video editing technology created in conjunction with a panel of dermatologists, was conceived to specifically detect skin concerns such as rosacea, dark spots, discolorations, dryness, uneven skin and fine lines and is able to measure and assess each issue. From there, it can be used to simulate precise changes to the skin in a real-time video, and provide before and after skin comparisons. This is expected to encourage better compliance of skin-care regimens because users can envision what results will look like in a process that often requires weeks of commitment. Unlike applying a new lipstick, which yields instant results, the benefits of skin care are not immediately seen.

“Skin AI is the first scientifically validated technology that is created with the help of dermatologists to detect and simulate very specific elements of the skin. This will be a game-changing technology for the skin-care industry, both for assessing the state of your skin and for visualizing the impact of potential skin-care products,” said Dr. Parham Aarabi, founder and chief executive officer of ModiFace.

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Skin AI will be available to skin-care brands as either a mobile app module capable of providing in-app skin assessment and clinically accurate product visualizations on live video, or as a web-API capable of providing web-based skin assessment and product visualization on user photos. Multiple skin brands are in the final stages of launching applications powered by ModiFace’s Skin AI technology, the company said.