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Tracie Martyn Opens Spa in Miami’s Fontainebleu

Celebrity facialist Tracie Martyn has teamed up with the Lapis Spa to offer her well-known Resculpting Facials and Resculpting Body Treatments

The Fountain of Youth may well be arriving at the Lapis Spa — via New York.

Miami Beach’s rich and beautiful set will soon have what many here turn to in order to achieve a youthful facade: Celebrity facialist Tracie Martyn has teamed up with the Fontainebleau Hotel’s Lapis Spa to offer her well-known Resculpting Facials and Resculpting Body Treatments, which sell for about $300 and $200, respectively.

Until the partnership, the only way to get one of Martyn’s sought-after treatments was to visit her five-room clinic on lower Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Even though her space is open seven days a week and Martyn has five aestheticians trained in her technique, for anyone who isn’t a celebrity, the wait list to see her is about a month.

Martyn and Marius Morariu (who is also a nutritionist), co-founders of Tracie Martyn Beauty, were contacted by the Lapis Spa a year ago to see if they’d be willing to expand their facials to one of the world’s best known hotels, which has just undergone a $1 billion renovation, with the spa receiving a $22 million facelift.

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“We were familiar with her reputation in the marketplace,” said Josie Feria, the spa director for Fontainebleau Resorts. “Not only in New York, but in her being a celebrity aesthetician. We were interested in bringing in her skill set.”

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Martyn counts among her loyal clients Diane von Furstenberg (who has been visiting her for 10 years nearly every week), Susan Sarandon (10 years), Madonna (seven years), Sandra Bullock (seven years), Linda Evangelista (seven years) and Kate Winslet (four years).

Martyn’s fond memories of the landmark hotel she frequented “back in the day” persuaded her to agree to the deal, and in the next month she’ll begin training a team of aestheticians in how to use a Rescupltor machine, the electronic beauty device that helps perform the skin firming facials. The notion that the machine — more than Martyn’s technique or her eponymous products — is a key to success makes Martyn confident she is doing the right thing in expanding.

“It’s very scalable because it is a step-by-step approach. It will take a few days [to train the team], but a lot of it has to do with the technology of the machine. We are not relying on the magical hands of an aesthetician. That is why we are able to do this,” said Martyn, adding that the Resculptor is custom-made (in purple) and bears her logo. She described the feeling of the Resculptor as “very relaxing and mild” on the face. “You really don’t feel a lot,” she said.

Martyn arrived in the U.S. from London as a makeup artist in the late Eighties, and soon found herself working with famed photographers Mario Testino and Annie Leibovitz. During shoots, Martyn had a lot of downtime and often thought about how she could make the face look better.

“I was always thinking about improving the quality of the skin. I wanted to create a facial,” Martyn said.

She and colleague Morariu began putting together formulas and tinkering with design ideas for a facial device and before long were conducting facials from her Brooklyn apartment. Characteristic of the fashion crowd, word traveled fast about Martyn’s treatments, and soon she was welcoming the likes of von Furstenberg into her abode.

“All these famous people were coming to my house,” she recalled.

Martyn and Morariu went on to develop a proprietary machine to help “firm and lift and contour the face while tightening the eye area, lifting the brow and underneath the chin,” said Martyn. The real difference, she explained, is that “most traditional facials focus on cleaning and pores. In mine, I look at the face and strengthen the jaw line, help the neck and give lift to the forehead.” A product line followed, including cult favorite Firming Serum.

Lapis Spa’s Feria said Martyn will fit well into the new 40,000-square-foot spa, which will have its grand opening Nov. 14. Lapis includes 30 treatment rooms, and since 10 Resculpting units were ordered, 10 Tracie Martyn treatments can be done per hour. Lapis’ retail area will also include Tracie Martyn’s skin care line, as well as the Yonka and SkinCeuticals brands, which will be used in spa treatments.

The spa is pursuing a green positioning, but only in practice. For example, it will practice recycling, and will use beech and china rather than plastic cups and use larger containers when possible to avoid small, multiple plastic containers.

Lapis, said Feria, refers to minerals in Latin, hence the mineral theme of the spa, which features as its crown jewel a 75-foot jetted mineral pool — and for some a more favorable (and less expensive) Fountain of Youth.