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Tyra Banks is a big believer in maintaining her skin — and now her namesake brand has the tools to help customers do the same.

After launching around 30 makeup products in a little over a year, Tyra Beauty has branched into skin care with The Clean Machine, a foam cleanser, makeup remover and gentle exfoliator, The Closer, a repair and hydration serum, and The Secret Weapon, a microdermabrasion wand. The skin-care items are priced from $29 to $49.

“We are so obsessed with filters these days. Let’s back up y’all. Let’s take care of the canvas that is our face,” Banks advised. “There is a lot of emphasis today, especially in social media, on makeup. People are paying attention to how to make a photo look amazing and have that baby skin kind of look, and what you need to do is start with the canvas.”

Watching out for that canvas doesn’t have to mean enduring onerous skin-care routines. The Tyra Beauty skin-care range doesn’t overload women with a million steps and is carefully edited at the outset for maximum impact. “When it comes to skin care, I’m all about hero products. There are tons and tons of products out there, and I’m not interested in doing a me-too. I am interested in something that stands out from the crowd,” said Banks, adding, “I feel like makeup gets all the fun. I want a skin-care regimen to be delightful and fun, so you look forward to it.”

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Exfoliation is a particular point of emphasis in Tyra Beauty’s initial skin-care selection. “Over the years, people have told me I look younger than I am, and a lot of it has had to do with my habits. My mom told me since I was probably two years old that I should use a wash cloth. As I get older, I realize that a wash cloth is not enough,” Banks said. “I want to be able to take it to the next level when it comes to exfoliation.”

The Clean Machine is topped with a cap filled with pharmaceutical-grade silicone scrubbers to produce a deep clean. “When it is on your face, it just feels so cool. You can tell you are getting that extra clean, but it doesn’t dry out your skin,” she said. “I like my skin to feel very clean when I wash my face, but I don’t like my face to feel too tight. I still want to feel suppleness.”

The microdermabrasion wand The Secret Weapon solves two problems Banks encounters with available exfoliation options. First, she hates finding exfoliation beads scratching her face following the application of an exfoliating product. She highlighted The Secret Weapon features evenly suspended diamond-shaped crystals that dissolve to avoid the fate of unearthing nubby bits stuck in uncomfortable places — Banks often has to pull them out of her hairline — at later times. Second, Banks doesn’t think women should have to fork over for costly spa visits to obtain effective exfoliation.

“I am always trying to save people money, and we all know that microdermabrasion at a spa is really expensive, so I wanted to be able to bring that to people’s homes to save them money,” she said. “You can build up to doing The Secret Weapon everyday, but I recommend it every other day or every three days to begin with to test your skin sensitivity.”

Banks recommends pairing The Closer with The Secret Weapon. “What you have done with The Secret Weapon is take that micro layer of the skin off, and The Closer really closes or seals The Secret Weapon process. It has moisturizing ingredients that protect the skin barrier. Babies have more of a skin barrier than we do, and that is why they have the softness that they do,” said Banks. “And it preps your skin for your makeup to have a beautiful finish.”

Banks is bullish on the potential for the skin-care business at direct-selling brand Tyra Beauty. “I think it is going to be huge,” she said. “It’s because we have hero products, and they perform. To me, skin care isn’t about branding. Skin care is about results, and these products really give results. Also, I think our skin care is something people will really want to do.”

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