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Ulta Beauty Adds Skin Care to Address Crepey Skin

Crepey skin is a real issue impacting many women over 50. After success in direct-to-consumer channels, Crepe Erase is bowing in Ulta Beauty doors.

Ulta Beauty is truly hitting on all market segments. Next month, the powerhouse retailer will add Crepe Erase, a brand targeted at wrinkly and crepey looking skin, to all of its stores. This marks the first retail exposure to the brand launched via infomercials. Adding the line for maturing women comes on the heels of Ulta stocking the buzzy ColourPop brand that was also once only available online and snapped up by a younger demographic.

The move of direct-to-consumer beauty lines into retail doors illustrates the importance of reaching shoppers in a variety of avenues. Ulta Beauty, in fact, also stocks two other direct-to-consumer lines that gained traction via TV over the past few years — Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty and Proactiv.

Endorsed by actress Jane Seymour, Crepe Erase entered the market in the beginning of 2016 designed to help women deal with skin that resembles crepe paper caused by the depletion of collagen and elastin. “It is a huge market,” said Laura Lum, senior vice president of brand marketing and retail at Guthy|Renker, which markets the brand. “It is almost every woman over the age of 50 and you think you can throw some moisturizer on, but that doesn’t fix it. Many women don’t want to show their neck, décolletage or arms.”

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QVC took on Crepe Erase at the end of 2016 and that partnership helped the brand tweak its message for an even more potent marketing punch. “People knew how skin care helped their face and saw they could follow a similar regimen for the body.” Industry sources estimated Crepe Erase generates sales of at least $15 million and that total could double in 2018. Gunthy|Renker officials did not comment on sales estimates.

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Ulta Beauty first tried out the line on its e-commerce site where Lum said it sold out twice. The assortment will be house in a fixture at Ulta touting new and notable brands. The formulas feature a TruFirm Complex powered by skin-restoring phytonutrients — apple, dill and sage. The heroes in the lineup including the Antiaging Starter Kit retailing for $50 at Ulta; the Exfoliating Body Polish tagged at $39, and the Intensive Repair Body Treatment available at Ulta for $79. In addition to the new distribution at Ulta Beauty, Crepe Erase products are available on, and

Crepe Erase has several new items in the works including formulas for specific body parts and a serum for toning and tightening. Although its core consumer is mature, exposure in Ulta is expected to encourage a younger audience to purchase to prevent crepey skin. Millennials like instant results, noted Lum, adding the clinicals behind Crepe Erase show 82 percent of those surveyed said skin was instantly smoother in only one day of use. And, she doesn’t rule out there are some men “borrowing” from women’s Crepe Erase supplies.