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Ulta Beauty Adds Caffeine Buzz With Frank Body

Frank Body gained fame with social media postings and direct-to-consumer sales. Now the company is expanding its retail footprint.

Ulta Beauty is adding a coffee scrub to its beauty assortment.

This week, Frank Body steams into 100 of Ulta Beauty’s doors with plans brewing to add in 2018.

This marks the second U.S. bricks-and-mortar retailer for the Australian brand, which built its business on the use of coffee in its formulas and edgy social media efforts. Having built demand for the natural lineup selling direct-to-consumer, the brand is on the hunt for more physical retailers. Frank Body made its stateside bricks-and-mortar debut in 2016 at Urban Outfitters.

“Ulta for us has always been the obvious next step in the U.S. They have strong traction and authority in our categories coupled with an ambitious growth plan,” said Stephen Rowley, cofounder of Frank Body.

The idea for Frank Body came after its founders heard customers in a café ask for coffee grinds to use in the shower. The business grew online, powered by cheeky social media showing users slathered in the scrub. The “coffee-covered-selfie” posters include Ariana Grande, Tash Oakley and Gabi Fresh. It is estimated Frank Body achieved sales of $20 million in its first 18 months fueled by Instagram interest and should more than double that with physical store growth. Frank Body did not comment on sales projections.

The company expects bricks-and-mortar will bring build awareness beyond the Millennial and Generation Z crowd. “We believe there is still such a sensorial element to beauty that we are unable to provide through our dot-com. We see building partnerships with retailers like Ulta as a vital part of our growth.”

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Although consumers have warmed up to buying beauty online, Rowley said feedback suggests many prefer to be hands-on. “Beauty is still an in interesting category in the digital space, as many consumers want to try a new product in person, before committing to a purchase. We often hear that people have seen Frank via social, but were hesitant to purchase without being able to smell and feel the product first-hand.”

Ulta Beauty will stock Frank Body items in its body care section. The range includes three Coffee Scrubs, Coconut Body Balm, Body Cream, the full-face range and a new Lip Duo. Prices start at $16.95.

Frank Body plans to tap its fan base to share the news of expansion into Ulta Beauty. “We find the best advertising is authentic recommendations from peers and experts in the field,” Rowley said.