Cameron Dallas for X-Out

Ever since social media sensation Cameron Dallas tried Proactiv in his late teens, he dreamed of being a spokesman for the brand or products related to it. In fact, when he signed with William Morris Endeavor in 2014, he told his agents to make it happen, and they have done that.

Dallas is the newest face of X Out, Proactiv’s younger sibling that simplifies fighting pimples to one step, a Wash-In Treatment. The 22-year-old will be seen in digital spots for X Out running across various platforms, including YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, and television infomercials starting this month.

“I am really precise about who I want to work with and, no matter the timeline, I push to get what I think would be cool. I’ve waited years for this, and it’s finally happening. I’m stoked,” said Dallas. “I don’t really like to promote anything, but I will promote things I believe in and things that work. I have used Proactiv and I use X Out, and they are the only things that work for me.”

Kimber Maderazzo, executive vice president of brand and product marketing at The Proactiv Co., described Dallas as the “total package of what we could wish for. He’s an X Out user. He is very strong at telling stories to his large fan base, and his stories are so authentic.” She added, “He struggles with acne and really anybody who represents X Out and Proactiv should experience the struggles our consumers do and be able to tell them how the product works for acne.”

A follower initially introduced Dallas to Proactiv, which is perhaps not surprising given that his follower counts amount to 18.1 million on Instagram, 3.7 million on Facebook, 9.8 million on Twitter and nearly 5.5 million on YouTube, where Dallas has racked up almost 263 million views. Dallas’ social media fame was cemented on Vine, a Twitter offshoot that’s now a camera app, with six-second comedy videos he started producing in 2012.

“When I got out of high school, I started breaking out. I tried everything from A to Z as far as seeing doctors and getting prescriptions. I even did home remedies, and I had no luck,” he recalled. “A fan gave me Proactiv, and it cleared my skin, but there were too many steps. I lose everything, and I lost one of the products. My acne started to come back. Then, I learned they did X Out. It’s one step, and it worked.”

Prior to the company joining forces with Nestlé Skin Health SA last year to create The Proactiv Co., Guthy-Renker launched X Out in 2012 to offer teens an acne remedy they could stick to rather than convincing them to continually apply the three main products in Proactiv’s acne treatment regimen or more. “The nature of teens is that they don’t want to use five or six products on their face,” said Maderazzo. Dallas concurred. “I use X Out twice a day. I use it in the morning and then once at night, and that’s it,” he said. “It works for me because I don’t have to do a million things for my face.”

Preceding Dallas, X Out’s celebrity endorser roster included Zendaya and Tinashe. Guthy-Renker often gravitated to musicians for spokespeople because their reach crosses national boundaries, and Dallas is similarly known beyond U.S. borders. “Cameron is a global celebrity and one of the things people tend to forget is that social channels are global,” said Maderazzo. “He does one post on Instagram, and it is global instantly.”

Dallas is pushing social media stardom into arenas historically reserved for traditional stardom. His 10-episode Netflix reality series “Chasing Cameron” premiered on Dec. 27, and he played a troublemaker expelled from school in the aptly titled “Expelled,” a scripted feature that was reportedly the second most-downloaded movie on iTunes in 2014. Fashion brands have also embraced Dallas. He was coupled with model Stella Lucia in a campaign for Calvin Klein’s CK Jeans capsule collection and walked in Dolce & Gabbana’s fall men’s runway show.

“Social media and traditional media exist side by side and, the more time goes by, they are merging together. In a couple of years, social media people will be considered real celebrities just as much as regular celebrities are today,” said Dallas. “I want to bridge the gap between social media and traditional media. I feel like we are going to become a part of the traditional space.”

Dallas is pursuing Hollywood projects, and is open to considering further fashion and beauty deals. His recent experiences behind the camera have been encouraging. “The Netflix show has been really successful and really great, and I had a great time doing it,” said Dallas. “I learned a lot about myself from it. I got to see on camera how I react and handle certain situations, and areas I need to improve. I learned that maybe I cuss too much. I need to hang around my mom [Gina] so she can work me into shape.”

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