Products from Yuni Beauty.

Sephora is getting in shape with Yuni Beauty.

The specialty retailer is bringing in the yoga-inspired beauty brand as part of an effort to capitalize on the ath-leisure movement that’s dominated the apparel market. Yuni will hit Sephora’s web site in December with five products priced from $15 to $26 — the body wipes Shower Sheets, hair treatment Hot Head, muscle gel Chillax, body cleanser Flash Bath and essential-oil rollerball Pocket Savasana — plus a $32 kit containing Shower Sheets, Chillax, Flash Bath and the body mist My OM World.

“We are very much involved in yoga, and that’s why we recognized a couple of years ago that there was a really interesting white space in the beauty industry for people who are into yoga, cycling and more,” said chief executive officer Emmanuel Rey, who founded Yuni with his wife and fellow Ashtanga yoga teacher Suzanne Dawson. “Most retailers are used to classic skin-care regimens with basic approaches, but we felt those approaches were not in tune with our audience that is more into their lifestyle and has needs around their lifestyle.”

Tailored for active people, Yuni’s products are rooted in three main principles: to be time saving, enhance the body’s performance and relieve stress. At the brand’s launch last year, it released 13 products and the bestsellers to date have been the Shower Sheets, Hot Head and Chillax. It’s growing its assortment with warming body oil Wind-Down Wonder in November and cooling body gel Rise & Chill in March.

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“The overarching backbone of the brand is that our products are sustainable, portable, convenient, naturally based and effective,” said Rey. “Sephora told us, ‘One of the great things about you guys is that you didn’t create products that are so normal.’ Every product has a particular reason, and they recognize the innovation behind it.”

To suit Sephora’s highly visual Millennial clientele, Yuni amplified the impact of its packaging. Rey described the initial packaging as neutral and Zen, and the updated packaging as playful and injecting a jolt of personality. The boxes and bottles feature watercolor illustrations of the ocean, sunset and mountains. “It adds a lot of color, and it anchors the natural aspects of our brand,” said Rey. Yuni changed its product names, too, to make them fun. Chillax was previously Muscle Recovery Gel, for instance.

At the start of next year, Sephora will be sending out 60,000 samples of Yuni’s Shower Sheets. Yuni will also be promoted in a Sephora Beauty Insider e-mail campaign expected to reach 12 million shoppers. “They are strong in makeup, skin care and fragrance, but body care is a bit of a sleeping giant for Sephora, and the majority of our products are body products. It’s a category they want to grow not only through ath-leisure, and that’s an opportunity for us,” said Rey.

Today, Yuni is found in 65 doors, including YogaWorks, Credo and Rey envisions the brand’s distribution to be a mix of fitness-oriented and beauty-focused outlets going forward and for its product selection to evolve beyond traditional beauty merchandise. “We look at this brand as really more of a lifestyle brand than a beauty brand. It would be easy for us to go into other product categories. It could be home or it could yoga,” he said. “Yoga is a very personal ritual. It’s a moment for you to concentrate on yourself. Anything we can do for people to continue a mindful journey of yoga and fitness is our overarching goal.”