PARIS — Forget the doctor. Groupe Yves Rocher intends to keep wrinkles away with an apple-based skin care line called Serum Végétal Apple Oligosides.

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The six-unit collection, meant to smooth lines and firm skin using sugars called oligosaccharides extracted from apples, targets core consumers aged 40-plus.

Industry sources estimate between two million and three million units will be sold in the 12 months following the collection’s worldwide launch in April.

The line is the third under the Serum Végétal banner, which is the Yves Rocher brand’s number-one sales driver. It has sold approximately 70 million units since its creation in 1999, according to Isabelle Simon, head of the French firm’s antiaging skin care department. The other two Serum Végétal collections are Intervention Corrective, for 40-year-olds, and Ovalessence, targeting women 50 and older.

While both Apple Oligosides and Intervention Corrective cater to women in their 40s, the two lines are complementary, according to Simon. She explained Apple Oligosides tackles the early signs of aging, whereas Intervention Corrective targets more mature skin care concerns.

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Fortysomething women are a lucrative demographic for Yves Rocher. In July 2007, 42 percent of women aged 40-49 were quoted as saying that they had bought Yves Rocher products so far that year, according to a TNS Sofres Omnibus study. The sample consisted of 1,052 women.

For its newest products, Yves Rocher focused on the degeneration of connections linking different layers of skin, causing wrinkles and slackening. According to the company, oligosaccharides, extracted with biotechnology, act like “beauty messengers” that boost cellular communication between the epidermis, dermal-epidermal junction and dermis. This purportedly bolsters cellular renewal, reduces the appearance of lines and increases skin’s firmness.

Serum Végétal Apple Oligosides’ lineup includes Force Plus day cream, priced at 29.70 euros, or $45.60 at current exchange, for a 50-ml. jar; Daytime Radiance day cream for 20.90 euros, or $32.12, for a 50-ml. jar, and My Touch of Beauty highlighter, retailing at 16.90 euros, or $26, for a 15-ml. tube. My Cleansing Milk and My Beauty Lotion are each priced at 11.20 euros, or $17, per 200-ml. bottle, while a 25-unit pack of My Makeup Remover Wipes costs 10 euros, or $15.37.

Serum Végétal Apple Oligosides’ product prices will be around 15 euros, or $23, apiece in the Yves Rocher mail-order catalogue. Catalogue sales generated 40 percent of the company’s overall sales of 2 billion euros, or $2.51 billion at average exchange in 2006, the most recent year for which revenues are available.