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The Aesthetic Shower

A guide to making the most out of showering.

Luxurious, aesthetically pleasing showers are the new bubble bath.

Gone are the days of needing to fill a tub with gallons of water in order to unwind. Now, brands are launching equally relaxing, shower-specific products. Eucalyptus bundles, steamers and tech-inspired shower heads are leading the category.

According to Pinterest’s 2022 report, searches for “shower aesthetic” were up 460 percent. The trend has been growing on TikTok, too, with videos tagged #ShowerAesthetic garnering more than 17 million views to date. Sales-wise, the soap, bath and shower market is estimated to exceed $8 billion in 2023, according to Mintel.

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Consumers are also growing more interested in conserving water, as the average family can waste 180 gallons per week according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Mintel reports consumers are increasingly opting for water-saving bathing rituals, as 60 percent of people agree they are trying to take shorter showers. With this in mind, consumer and brand interest in shower experiences continues to grow. 

Here, a few items to build the aesthetic shower. 

Trader Joe’s Eucalyptus Bundle, $3.99 

In recent years, the Trader Joe’s eucalyptus bundle has become synonymous with aesthetic showers, as it took social media by storm. In fact, videos tagged #ShowerEucalyptus have more than 5.5 million views on TikTok. Content creators recommend rolling the bundle with a rolling pin and then hanging it on the shower head to enhance the scent while showering.

Esker Beauty Aromatic Shower Steamer Set, $65

Esker Beauty Aromatic Shower Steamer

Shannon Davenport founded Esker Beauty to offer all of the essentials for the perfect bubble bath. However, consumers quickly began asking for shower-friendly options. Esker’s steamers are placed in a sleek marble holder to create an olfactive shower experience. The steamers come in eucalyptus lavender and calendula palo santo, both infused with dried botanical ingredients.

Hai Smart Shower, $249, Hai Fuse, $49, and Hai Infusions, $30

Hai Shower Infusions

Hai launched with a technology-focused approach with its Smart Shower, which uses Bluetooth technology and an LED light to track shower usage and alert when a user has reached their target water limit. Now, the company has launched Hai Fuse, which allows users to implement specific Hai Infusions based on their goals, including Energy Boost, Repair and Relax. Sprig, a new wellness brand by Kohler, also launched a similar shower infusion system with pods for relaxation, focus, sleep and skin and hair health.

Jolie Filtered Showerhead, $165

Jolie Filtered Showerhead

Jolie’s Filtered Showerhead filters out chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants to promote healthy skin and hair. Users have reported a reduction in acne, silkier hair, softer and more moisturized skin and less hair loss. The KDF-55 and calcium sulfite-blended proprietary filter, which lasts for 90 days, is also optimal for color-treated hair the brand said.

Lush Sleepy Shower Bomb, $4.50

Lush Sleepy Shower Bomb

Baths are often correlated with sleep, but a shower can be just as relaxing. This fizzy, lavender and ylang ylang-scented shower bomb from Lush can be used in the shower to exfoliate the body.

Rowse Rosemary, Thyme and Lemon Botanical Soap, $25

Rowse Rosemary, Thyme and Lemon Botanical Soap

When creating an aesthetic shower experience, attractive products are essential. This soap from Rowse can be artistically hung in the shower and is embedded with intricate, exfoliating granules.

Mojave Desert Skin Shield Ionic Body Brush, $52

The pre-bathing ritual is an equally important part of the aesthetic shower experience, and dry brushing has become extremely popular with more than 80 million views on videos tagged #DryBrushing on TikTok. Mojave Desert Skin Shield’s Ionic Body Brush can be used to promote lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, while also exfoliating skin before jumping in the shower.