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Beekman 1802, Team Up for World Kindness Day

The duo has partnered to conduct the Kind Company Study with Ulta Beauty as its first retailer participant. The goat milk-infused skin care brand hosted an array of activations to further celebrate World Kindness Day. 

On World Kindness Day, Sunday, skin care brand Beekman 1802 unveiled a partnership with science-rooted nonprofit to conduct the Kind Company Study, while hosting events nationwide to celebrate acts of kindness. 

The Kind Company Study will allow to put its developed Company Kindness Quotient — a measure to assess kindness — to the test. Together with Beekman 1802, has partnered with seven retailers to conduct a survey, which asks if leaders, subordinates and colleagues would choose to perform certain acts of kindness for each other. The results ultimately will establish the company’s kindness quotient. All of the findings from the Kind Company Study, which includes Ulta Beauty, Traackr, Pura Vida and the College of Arts and Letters at Michigan State University as partners, will be published in an academic journal in 2023 with the goal to be able to validate and implement the tool as a way for companies to measure kindness. 

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“If we can show companies that there’s a measurable impact kindness has as an efficient, effective way to retain talent, to anchor the work you do, to have purpose and value, to care well for your employees, we believe not only will this significantly improve the internal culture, but have a direct impact on how those employees are then treating customers and consumers,” said cofounder and chief executive officer Jaclyn Lindsey. 

Beekman 1802’s brand ethos aligned with the research has been doing with its team of anthropologists and evolutionary psychologists to inspire people to choose kindness. “Our mission is to just spread kindness and elevate the conversation around kindness and get people to choose kindness and do kindness and so supporting the research is just one part of that. We are always looking for ways to work with our partners to insert kindness into the everyday conversation,” said Beekman 1802 cofounder Dr. Brent Ridge. 

Beekman 1802 and first partnered with Ulta to kick-start the study. “Beekman 1802 is one of Ulta’s exclusive brands, and they know that our mission is to spread kindness. They also have a tangential mission of growing the idea of conscious beauty and wellness. When we started talking to them about the power of kindness and kindness as wellness…they immediately saw the potential impact of it,” said Ridge. Lindsey explained: “Participating in this study really reinforced for them their commitment to their team and to always improving and to kindness being something that’s essential for a thriving workplace.” 

To continue celebrating World Kindness Day, Beekman 1802 held kindness activations at 65 Ulta stores and implemented the global #TimeToBeKind challenge on TikTok. The challenge, which includes a special TikTok filter, prompts users to perform an act of kindness. For each video and kind act performed using #TimeToBeKind and tagging Beekman 1802’s account through Nov. 18, the brand will donate $1 to The Jed Foundation, a nonprofit that supports mental health for youths.