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EXCLUSIVE: Pharmaceutical Company Biocodex Acquires Natural Supplement Brand Hilma

The brand plans for continued growth and retail expansion.

Scientifically backed natural supplement brand Hilma, which first launched in January 2020, has been acquired by French pharmaceutical company Biocodex, which was founded in 1953 and is best known for its presence in the probiotic category with brands like Florastor. Biocodex acquired a majority stake in the Hilma, though the details of the deal were not disclosed.

In order to further expand into the digestive and women’s health category, Biocodex has made other acquisitions and investments, including several in microbiome health start-ups. With this acquisition, Biocodex, which is available in 124 countries, aims to double its turnover by 2027. 

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“Behind Hilma, there is a simple observation: a new generation of consumers has high expectations for natural and effective products,” Nicolas Coudurier, chief executive officer of Biocodex, said in a statement. “Hilma and Biocodex share the same goal: to be as close as possible to consumers expectations and to respond to the growing need for reliable, effective and scientifically proven natural solutions in the medicine cabinet. I am very pleased to welcome a talented team whose entrepreneurial vision and digital expertise will be invaluable in strengthening our presence in the North American market.”

Hilma was unable to comment on how the acquisition would impact its overall revenue. However, the brand plans for continued growth with this acquisition. 

“At Hilma, our aspiration for our brand has always been to be in every medicine cabinet in every home. We really see this as a stepping stone toward that aspiration. The larger resources and a lot of the values of the Biocodex group are super aligned with us. They’re on board to help support us on that mission through expanding our retail footprint, growing our Amazon business and continuing to build our community,” said Lily Galef, cofounder and chief brand officer of Hilma. 

Through this acquisition, Hilma, which has seen 100 percent year-over-year growth this past year, plans to continue expanding its footprint both in brick-and-mortar and online. 

“We launched Hilma with a direct-to-consumer first strategy, but omnichannel was always incredibly important to us, because we knew that’s where consumers were shopping this category today,” said Nina Mullen, cofounder and co-CEO of Hilma. 

Mullen said the brand has been able to establish itself in stores, including at Target, and that retail makes up 25 percent of the business. “With the partnership with the Biocodex Group, we’re really excited to kind of bring us to the next level. We actually already have an extensive expansion in Target planned for next year, as well as an exclusive drugstore launch lineup for next year,” Mullen said. 

Hilma, which was not initially planning for an acquisition, said it expects Biocodex’s resources, retail expertise and expansive footprint to further its mission.

“It’s a huge advantage for us to have more relationships with their existing retail footprint. They have a really developed, especially good Amazon expertise which also directly benefits our growth. The last piece is that they have expertise both from a scientific development, but also generally go-to-market strategy around the digestive category with their footprint in the probiotic space,” said Hilary Quartner, cofounder and co-CEO of Hilma.