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Parable Launches With Brain Care Supplement

"Consumers overwhelmingly value having a healthy brain but don't really know what to do," said the brand's cofounder.

Parable is aiming to tackle the brain care category. 

The brand officially launched Tuesday on with its first product Daily™, $89.99 or $74.99 on subscription, an unflavored neuro-fortified supplement based in powdered oat milk that can be added to any drink and is meant to support brain health.

Formulated by neuroscientists, the supplement includes ginseng, green tea extract and vitamins B6, B9 and B12, which the brand says are all clinically proven to be safe and efficacious for brain health. 

Parable launches with Daily, a brain care supplement powder.

The impetus for the brand, cofounded by Cristina Poindexter and Brian McGrath Davis, was ignited by the lack of holistic brain and mood offerings currently on the market. 

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“Looking at the landscape, there’s lots of products for treating the symptomatic surface level needs of here and now. I need some energy. I need some focus. I need to get to sleep, but not really seeing offerings on the consumer landscape for taking care of this thing for the long term and so that became a curiosity of ours to discover,” McGrath Davis said. “And what we found was that, perhaps no surprise, consumers overwhelmingly value having a healthy brain but don’t really know what to do.” 

With this, the duo began researching the category, discovering that the brain begins to atrophy at age 30. According to McGrath Davis, this statistic showcased “an opportunity for consumers in their 30s, 40s and 50s” to care for their brain.

“The 30s, 40s and 50s are really the most important decades to be nourishing this, to keep it healthy, to make the investments in your brain health to actually keep it healthy for the long term,” Poindexter said. She noted the brand’s goal is “to actually help people in the decades where it has the most impact,” so the target consumer is between 30 and 50. 

Brian Davis and Cristina Poindexter of Parable, photographed in Atlanta, Georgia January 8, 2022.

Photo by Brinson+Banks
Cofounders of Parable Brian McGrath Davis and Cristina Poindexter. Brinson+Banks

The powder format of the nutritional supplement came down to bio-availability.

“Candidly, if we were to make this a pill, it would be 10 pills a day, 300 pills in a month,” Poindexter said. “A powdered supplement has a lot of versatility that you can add into a lot of things that you’re already doing: coffee, tea, smoothie, hot water. It’s very easy. We think that aspect is important because one thing that we know is that nutrition is something that your body needs on a daily basis.”

While the brand is mission-driven, brain care is especially personal to Poindexter. She has struggled with mental health issues, burnout, multiple concussions and experienced the effects of Parkinson’s disease on the brain through her grandmother.

“For me, these things aren’t statistics. These are people that are going through real things, and the thing that ties all of these experiences together for me is the health of the brain and the health of the nervous system,” Poindexter said. “Nutrition is a foundational lever that has the power to actually impact your brain.” 

With this at the center, the brand doesn’t plan to stray from the brain-care category.

“We’re mission aligned. For us, it’s so much more than a supplement or any future products. It really is about the wider awareness of taking care of the brain,” McGrath Davis said. “It really is about building a brand, a business, education and content around helping consumers understand how to take care of this thing. That means what’s coming in the future for us are future skus, future partnerships, looking to develop our mission and our brand.”

Though the FDA doesn’t require supplement manufacturers to conduct clinical trials, Parable tapped an independent research organization for a 31-day trial with 40 participants, and said itgarnered the following results:

  • 57.4 percent increase in focus
  • 33.8 percent increase in working memory
  • 10.1 percent increase in ability to handle stress
  • 31.8 percent increase in productivity
  • 26.9 percent increase in energy levels
  • 15.1 percent increase in mental clarity
  • 28.6 percent decrease in anxiety
  • 28.7 percent decrease in brain fog
  • 28.7 percent decrease in burnout

The brand declined to share first-year sales projections, but it has raised a total of $2.75 million, led by M13 and Break Trail Ventures, and noted the funds would be allocated towards talent acquisition, product development, as well as brand and content development.