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EXCLUSIVE: Drybar Cofounder Alli Webb to Unveil L.A. Wellness Space, Brightside

It's The Feel-Good Company's newest endeavor, opening in the spring of 2023.

Alli Webb, the cofounder of Drybar, is opening a wellness space.

She is unveiling an infrared yoga and sauna studio, Brightside, in Culver City, California, in the spring of 2023.

The idea was her ex-husband Cameron’s, she said.

“As a very avid hot yoga-goer myself, I have yet to find a hot yoga studio that checks all of the boxes, especially none with infrared technology,” Webb told WWD in a statement. “Hot yoga is a big part of my weekly routine and mental wellness. I start most days with hot yoga. So I couldn’t be more excited to help bring a much-improved version of something I deeply cherish, to more people.”

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The project is a partnership with Brittany Driscoll as part of The Feel-Good Company, which was launched to build and scale brands. The incubator has previously unveiled massage spa Squeeze and mental health concept Okay Humans. Brightside is its newest venture and first in fitness. According to Driscoll, The Feel-Good Company brands “have all raised friends and family rounds from private investors with the intention of proving out the concept and then scaling nationally.”

With Brightside, Webb and Driscoll aim to connect yoga and infrared saunas into one concept.

“Brightside brings the time-tested benefits of yoga and infrared sauna together into one healing experience,” Webb said. “We’ve incorporated infrared heat into our yoga studios to help increase the benefits you get from a yoga session, and our stand-alone infrared saunas are available for all. Our app modernizes both by allowing you to book, pay, rate your experience, track your progress and celebrate milestones.”

The 2,750 square-foot space, located at 11924 Washington Boulevard, will offer 45- to 60-minute vinyasa yoga classes “supercharged with infrared heat to penetrate deep into the body, helping to detoxify, increase metabolism, boost a healthy immune system, and alleviate joint and muscle pain,” according to the company. They plan to have a variety of classes, offered at different heat levels, for a capacity of 35 people at a time. Visitors will also be able to book a sauna session in one of four private suites featuring chromotherapy lights and the ability to listen to audio — music, podcasts or guided meditation — from their phones. It’s a flexible membership model, starting at $99 for four classes a month, with one guest pass per month. A single yoga class is $29, while a sauna session is $39. An unlimited pass costs $199 a month (with three guest passes per month).

A first look at Brightside. Courtesy of The Feel-Good Company

There’s a give-back element, added Driscoll, cofounder and chief executive officer of The Feel-Good Company and chairwoman of the board at Brightside. There’s a philanthropic component to all their brands.

“We want to not only make people feel good, but to do some good too,” said Driscoll. “At Brightside, we’ve partnered with Action For Healthy Kids, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing millions of students to live healthier, happier lives through access to physical activity and necessary play. For every membership sold, we are helping to provide an hour of physical activity to a child in an underserved community so they can become healthy, thriving adults.”