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Women’s Intimate Skin Care Brand Ina Launches

The line features five products, all developed for feminine care.

On Thursday, Ina, a new women’s intimate skin care brand, will launch.

Cofounded by chemist and founder of Project Chemistry Susan Goldsberry and OB-GYN Dr. Beri Ridgeway, the brand was developed in-house and meant to be gentle enough to be used on the vulva. 

Goldsberry, who has worked as a cosmetic chemist since the ’80s, explained the brand was developed out of passion, as well as to fill a white space in the feminine care market. “Ina was born out of the love for my mother. Years ago when I was caring for her, I realized that there weren’t a lot of products for elderly care, especially women, that addressed the issues that were needed,” she explained. “Instinctively I knew I could create safer and more elevated products.”

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Ina’s ingredients are plant-based and clinically tested.

Over the course of 15 years, Goldsberry worked with Ridgeway to create Ina, meaning mother in Filipino, an “intimate skin care line, developed to elevate and modernize feminine wellness.” The brand’s launch date was also intentional, as Oct. 20 is Goldsberry’s mother’s birthday. “This is a tribute to my mother and to all women everywhere,” she said. 

The new line includes five patent-pending products geared towards all women: an Anti-Chafe Liquid Powder, $26, a Balancing Cleanser, $24, a Barrier Balm, $28, a Hydrating Serum, $38, and a Nourishing Oil Elixir, $42. Ina has additional product launches in the pipeline for 2023, all feminine wellness-focused. While the products can be used to address specific vaginal health concerns, Goldsberry noted the brand was developed for daily use as a foundational wellness routine.

The brand, which launches Thursday on, is expected to reach $10 million in sales its first two years, according to industry sources. Ina also has its eyes on expansion, and it is currently planning to roll out into retailers in 2023.