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Maude Expands Into Grooming

The intimate wellness brand is launching a shave oil and ingrown oil for delicate skin.

Maude is entering the grooming category. 

The brand is expanding its holistic offerings with two hero grooming products — Soothe, $30, a calming ingrown hair oil, and Shave, $32, a moisturizing shave oil.

This expansion was a strategic next step for the brand, as Maude aims to round out the user’s intimate care routine. 

“For us, it’s always been — lay the foundation for sexual wellness and then have the products that sort of surround it and really fit in our wheelhouse. We really focus on four key areas, which are sexual wellness, intimate body and grooming, scent and then ingestibles. It’s really this holistic approach to the category,” said Maude founder Éva Goicochea. 

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With this in mind, grooming products were always on the horizon for the brand. 

“We always wanted to build grooming into the assortment. It just was a matter of time and demand and creating products that would really work,” Goicochea said. “This is really part of the system, and our customers have come to expect that we also create intimate body care, so we felt like we were missing something if we didn’t have anything that was really meant for grooming and shaving.” 

This launch also expands Sephora’s current intimate care offerings, as the brand is available online at the retailer. 

“As we’re partnering in such a big way with Sephora, we want to make sure that we’re covering what people need when they think about their intimate care,” Goicochea said. 

The two products were developed by Maude’s in-house chemist. They can be used all over, but were formulated with intimate-skin safety in mind.

“This is not to go up against shaving brands per se for your legs in that sense. This is really about intimate and delicate skin and thinking about, ‘How can you make products that are useful for that?’” Goicochea said. 

The two products, both housed in dropper glass bottles, are oil-based and meant to moisturize the skin and be used a few drops at a time. The Shave oil, which features jojoba and almond oil, can be used before and during shaving, and the Soothe oil, which features chamomile and tea tree oil, is meant to comfort skin post-shave and prevent ingrown hairs. 

The brand declined to share expected sales figures, but industry sources estimate the two new launches could amass up to $1 million in retail sales over the next year.