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EXCLUSIVE: Natalist Unveils Always in Awe Campaign Honoring Women’s Reproductive Journeys

The fertility and pregnancy brand will launch supplemental content across channels to showcase and celebrate each stage of reproduction.

On Tuesday, fertility and pregnancy care brand Natalist released its Always in Awe campaign, which celebrates women’s reproductive journeys from beginning to end. The brand, which was acquired by Everly Health in October 2021, provides products for all stages of reproduction including planning, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. Its new campaign aims to showcase the beauty of all of these stages to consumers.

“We really wanted to create a campaign that challenged the status quo when it came to fertility and conception,” said Everly Health chief marketing officer and Natalist general manager Jen Dasho. When talking to women about motherhood, Dasho said the idea that “conceiving is synonymous with achieving” came up a lot, and imagery of women with happy babies is often the only narrative represented. “There’s so much more to the ups and downs and so many more awe inspiring moments that get us through the journey,” she explained. This sentiment was the impetus for the campaign. 

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The new campaign video is set to a spoken poem and features imagery and videos of women throughout different stages of their reproductive journeys — using ovulation kits, taking pregnancy tests, going into labor and holding babies postpartum.

After facing pushback from television networks, Natalist cut certain breastfeeding images and footage of women injecting IVF shots from the campaign in order for it to be featured on those networks, Dasho said.

Many female wellness products, such as vibrators and contraceptives, face advertising restrictions. The full unedited version of the campaign video will be featured on Natalist’s YouTube channel. 

Along with the video campaign, which will be featured across digital and broadcast television and Natalist’s channels, the brand will roll out supplemental content around the reproductive journey and the “moments of awe” concept introduced in the video. Natalist will also partner with influencers and host live events on its social media channels to further the conversation around the different stages of reproductive health. 

Dasho explained many women going through the reproductive journey don’t feel represented, a common theme through the women’s health category. “One of our biggest goals throughout this whole process is that we really treated women and each stage of the reproductive journey with a tremendous sense of importance and reverence,” she explained. “We really wanted people to feel ready and seen and heard for when it’s their turn, when they’re ready to make that step.”