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EXCLUSIVE: Nutrafol to Enter Sephora

The hair growth supplement and topical brand will be available in about 80 doors and online. 

Nutrafol is bringing hair growth nutraceuticals to the masses as it launches on this month and at Sephora brick-and-mortar stores this February. 

The announcement marks the brand’s largest retail expansion to date, as it has primarily been available through licensed health care providers and in salons, on and on its own website. With Sephora, the brand chose to start out small, entering 80 doors nationwide. 

“We’re starting relatively small in the spirit of focus and getting it right…to learn, tweak, adjust, listen and move forward in the right direction,” said Nutrafol cofounder and chief executive officer Giorgos Tsetis. “The goal is to further expand quite fast post all of that because we’ve got a unique value proposition within their space.”

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The brand’s women’s nutraceuticals and topical products will be available both in brick-and-mortar stores, as well as online. The assortment includes the brand’s newest launch, the Women’s Vegan Nutraceutical, which will be an exclusive at Sephora until the spring. For now, the Men’s Hair Growth Nutraceutical will only be available online. 

Nutrafol launches new Women’s Vegan Hair Growth Nutraceutical exclusively with Sephora.

“Eighty percent of our audience is women, and their audience is mostly women as well so it made sense for us within the retail environment, as we’re testing it now, to only launch the women’s core products,” Tsetis explained. 

Products will be merchandised on end caps throughout Sephora stores. 

“We want to make sure that we stand out with our brand colors, with the clear message. We’re the number one dermatologist recommended brand which is also very new in the space because there’s not a lot of brands within the Sephora ecosystem that can make that claim. It’s really something that sets us apart,” Tsetis said. 

He said the brand will use science and proof to further drive home the products’s impact and educate consumers on ingestibles. “Everything is about setting people up for success with the solutions that we offer, and science is at the root of that. Science is a part of our DNA, and we continue to just double down on that,” he continued. 

Nutrafol’s natural and clinically effective supplements use medical grade ingredients, as well as the brand’s patented Synergen Complex meant to address the six main causes of hair loss: hormones, stress, lifestyle, metabolism, nutrition and aging. 

The brand declined to share sales figures for the Sephora launch, though in early 2022, WWD reported that the brand was expecting a more than $1 billion valuation before Unilever acquired a majority stake in the brand. Furthermore, Tsetis said “the business is growing very, very fast, so for retail to keep up, it’s going to be hard because of the tremendous scale on the DTC side of the business.”