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EXCLUSIVE: Oral Care Brand Burst Expands Retail Footprint, Enters Into Walmart

The brand’s products will now be available in 1,210 Walmart locations, as well as online.

Burst, an oral care brand founded in 2017 by Brittany Stewart and Hamish Khayat, is set to expand its retail footprint, as it will be available in 1,210 brick-and-mortar Walmart locations starting Friday. The brand also launched on last month.

Burst, which initially launched direct-to-consumer, was developed to make oral care products more fun and accessible for adults and children, while also bringing in expert opinions. Since its founding the brand has developed an array of clinically tested products in its signature lavender and rose gold hues, including the Sonic Toothbrush, $69.98, and the Water Flosser, $69.98, which will both be available at Walmart.

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During the development of each product the brand collaborates with its more than 35,000 dentist and hygienist ambassadors, who account for 20 percent of people who practice in the dental hygiene field. With the ambassadors Burst is not only able to ensure it is creating efficient and in-demand products, but is also able to confirm that professionals are recommending its products to patients daily.

Throughout the past year, the brand became available at more than 650 Bed Bath & Beyond locations and 24 McCauley Pharmacies in Ireland, marking its first partnership with an international retailer. As the Burst team planned their expansion strategy, Walmart Inc. was a key partner for the brand.

“We always knew we wanted to be in Walmart because across the world there are health care deserts. There are places in this country that there isn’t a dentist for 100 miles, but there is a Walmart and so you have the greatest ability to affect the greatest amount of people by being at Walmart,” said Stewart, cofounder, president and chief operating officer of Burst. 

The Walmart expansion alone is expected to be a more than $10 million opportunity for the brand, according to industry sources.