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Trick or Treat: A Guide to Sweet Adult Supplements 

Brands are ditching pills for fun treats.

With vibrant colors and tasty treats on every shelf, the vitamin aisle, formally lined with sterile packaging and horse pills, has started to resemble the candy aisle. Supplement brands are introducing an array of snack and candy-inspired formats including bars, lozenges, chocolates and gummies.

The gummy market, which saw a 74.9 percent growth in 2021, is set to reach $16.76 billion by 2024 according to the Nutrition Business Journal’s 2022 Delivery Format Report. By acquiring brands like SmartyPants and Olly, Unilever Health & Wellbeing has invested in this supplement space with gummies and powders making up 80 percent of its business according to the brand’s 2022 Health & Wellbeing Investor Deep Dive.

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Hum Nutrition, a supplement brand celebrating its 10-year anniversary this month, has been a pioneer in the sweet supplement department, having launched an array of gummy format vitamins over the years. Most recently, the brand launched its Calm Sweet Calm supplement, $30, an ashwagandha and L-theanine sour cherry gummy coated in sugar.

More gummies have hit the market recently addressing an array of concerns. Kourtney Kardashian Barker launched Lemme in September with three targeted gummy vitamins: Focus Concentration Gummies, Chill De-Stress Gummies and Matcha Energy B-12 Gummies, all $30. In October, Kardashian Barker launched Debloat Daily Digestive Gummies, $30, as well. ZitSticka’s new Mood Food, $36, is a berry-flavored gummy vitamin that addresses PMS symptoms including mood and reactive skin. Martha Stewart CBD took a seasonal approach with its limited-edition Pumpkin Spice Wellness Gummies, $35, while Nourished offers customizable, made-to-order vitamins to address a consumer’s specific concerns in an array of candy-reminiscent flavors and colors. 

While gummies are soaring, brands are expanding even further with tasty new vehicles. Kindroot has flavorful lozenge supplements, $15. BelliWelli, which recently launched at Sprouts, sells probiotic-infused, low-fodmap soft-baked bars, $27, for gut health in flavors like birthday cake, cinnamon swirl and strawberry shortcake. Similarly, Big Little Bar recently launched with its first product, a wellness bar, $70, that includes 100 percent of recommended daily vitamins and 1,750 mg. of Omega-3s, meant to replace a daily supplement altogether. Sourse, cofounded by former “Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland, packs vitamins into chocolate bites, $34, and 8Greens offers a greens and vitamin-filled, tropical-flavored lollipop, $13.