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EXCLUSIVE: Therabody Teams With Oura for Ongoing Partnership

The two recovery-focused wellness brands are collaborating to expand biometric tracking options.

Therabody has partnered with Oura, known for its smart, health-tracking ring, to expand both brand’s wellness solutions and provide holistic biometric recovery data. 

Therabody, best known for the massaging Theragun tool, sells an array of therapy devices to boost recovery and provide solutions for pain, while also producing wellness-related content on its app. The brand also recently launched SmartGoggles, its first wearable device that acts as an eye mask and massager for better sleep. The Oura Ring is a smart tracking device that allows consumers to track sleep and health data on an app, while being able to access wellness-related resources and guidance. The brand, which received a $2.55 billion valuation in April 2022, has sold more than 1 million Oura Rings since its 2013 founding.

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Through this new partnership, Therabody products will be integrated into the Oura app as tag options. Users will be able to tag a session with a Therabody product and track how it affects different health metrics over time, including sleep latency, sleep efficiency and daily readiness.

“We love to keep score, we love to gamify,” explained Oura chief executive officer Tom Hale. “And so it was a way of thinking about Therabody, who leads in all of these interventions…and we’ve got this great way to track your biometrics.” Hale noted this integrated wellness approach will help consumers better understand the direct impact of certain interventions, such as the benefit of a Theragun session on someone’s sleep.

Therabody CEO Benjamin Nazarian explained the brand’s recovery-based products and wellness-related content can directly benefit an Oura Ring user’s scores. “Their goal is to help create a more habitual, repetitive behavior on their members, and I think consumers always wonder, ‘what more can I do to impact my readiness scores,’ and our products are really a perfect fit for that. We are the solution,” Nazarian said.

Together, the duo will also expand Therabody’s TheraMind offerings, a digital platform for multisensory sound therapy. Oura users will be able to experience the proprietary TheraMind content and explore its effect on their biometric data. Together, Oura and Therabody have also created a special sleep routine using the Theragun tool. Users can follow the routine on the Therabody app and see its impact on the Oura app.

This collaboration marks a milestone for the Oura brand, as it’s the first time consumers will be able to experience and try on the Oura Ring in store with guidance from Therabody’s wellness associates. It’s also the first third-party product Therabody will sell in its more than 20 retail locations and Reset wellness centers across the U.S.

Hale noted the in-store education aspect was important for the brand as they thought about being available in brick-and-mortar. The Therabody wellness associates, who have been provided rings for testing, are “there to help you understand how you can use these products in your practice,” Hale explained. Furthermore, Oura users are often “evangelical,” according to Hale, as they tell their friends and family about the ring. This new in-store model will replicate that experience.

To kick off the partnership Oura Ring users will first be able to tag the Theragun tool and track the benefits on their data over time, as well as experience the TheraMind meditative content. Together, the duo will continue to add tags onto the Oura app for an array of the Therabody stock keeping units.

“Consumers want a full holistic solution, and they want an ecosystem,” Nazarian said. With this partnership, he explained Oura and Therabody are able to offer users an integrated wellness solution in which results can be easily tracked.