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Nike Brings Virtual Nikeland/Roblox Experience to NYC Store

Nike translates its virtual world experience to augmented reality features in Nike's NYC store.

A New Era for Fashion PR? The Frntal Launches With Digital-first Solutions, New NFT Marketplace

The platform will represent young, contemporary brands offering them access to a centralized online press…

Aisle 3 Launches to Revolutionize E-commerce, Product Search Experience

Aisle 3 wants to fix what's broken about shopping online and help consumers swiftly sift through products.

Are Consumers Holding Grudges Against Businesses?

Survey data from Trustpilot reveals insights behind the grudge-holding amid e-commerce surge and how…

Amazon Style’s New High-tech Take on Brick-and-mortar

As the web giant ventures into new territory it underscores the importance of physical retail.

Retailers, Officials Seek Solutions to Leap in Shoplifting and Organized Theft

Risks and threats of mall or store violence and shooting incidents are growing for retailers compared to five…

France’s President Macron Inaugurates Chanel’s 19M

Initiatives like Chanel's hub for its specialty workshops are key to training young French talent and…

NFTs Hit Mainstream Social Media With Twitter Blue Profiles

Twitter launches NFT profile pics for Twitter Blue users, while reports claim Facebook and Instagram will…

Dôen Opening Second Store, Plotting Retail Growth Under New President

"We're at a special moment in the brand and excited to reach the customers that have had interaction with us…

L’Officiel Sold to Hong Kong-Based AMTD International

The company plans to take a slice of the metaverse space.

Burberry Shares Climb as Company Confirms Early Arrival of New CEO

Burberry said Jonathan Akeroyd will take up his job in mid-March, two weeks earlier than planned.

The Reflective Wants Modest Fashion to Go Mainstream

The global modest fashion segment is expected to reach $360 billion over the next two years.

Amazon Opening Brick-and-mortar Fashion Store

The e-commerce leader is getting into apparel retailing with a high-tech store in Los Angeles.

Stephen Lussier Steps Down From De Beers, Will Remain Adviser to Group

De Beers has hired former Tiffany & Co. executive Marc Jacheet as CEO, De Beers Brands. He will also oversee…

Bain Warns China Luxury Growth to Further Decelerate in 2022

As China began to crack down on various sectors under the name of common prosperity, growth throughout the…