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Confindustria Moda's headquarters in Milan.

Business Features

Confidustria Moda Outlines Recovery Plan for Post-Lockdown Scenario

The association issued a list of five points seen as key to guarantee the employees’ health and the sector’s survival.

clock 4hMartino Carrera

Concentrating surgeons performing operation in operating room

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Field Notes: How Fabric Is Helping Save the Planet

Fabric is now in the forefront of saving lives and the planet.

clock 8hTracey Greenstein

online shopping

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How to Prepare for the Next Phase of COVID-19

As retailers work quickly to maintain business amid crisis, retail expert Lauren Cooley shares what retailers can consider now.

clock 8hAlexandra Pastore


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The Rent Is Due

Landlords, lenders and government must find solutions together to address the looming cash shortfall.

clock 9hStenn Parton

Amazon delivery during the coronavirus pandemic

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Coronavirus Likely to Leave Amazon, Walmart Even More Dominant

Functionality and consumer reliance during a pandemic-induced shutdown are giving the mega-retailers little but opportunity.

clock 13hKali Hays

online shopping

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Salesfloor Talks Retailers’ ‘Secret Weapon’ Against COVID-19

Hint: It’s virtual.

clock April 2, 2020Tracey Greenstein

working at home

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Millions of Americans Are Working From Home With Varied Productivity

New research from Waveform provides insights into the effectiveness shift as millions work from home.

clock April 2, 2020Alexandra Pastore

shoppers, face masks

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Crisis Management and the Coronavirus: Supply Chain, Technology and Infrastructure

Retail executives joined WWD in discussing the uncertain landscape of retail amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

clock April 2, 2020Alexandra Pastore

The Coronavirus crisis is expected to make consumers more conscious of environmental and social issues.

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Sustainability: A Lever for Post-Coronavirus Relaunch

According to experts, in the post-emergency scenario, fashion and luxury brands will deal with more conscious and attentive consumers.

clock April 1, 2020Alessandra Turra

London, UK - 10 February, 2020 People wear mask for protection. Street style. Stylish woman in black dress, coat and a wide-brimmed hat wears a beige mask; Shutterstock ID 1650347188; Usage (Print, Web, Both): Web; Issue Date: March 31; Comments: WWD

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NPD Shares How COVID-19 Is impacting Weekly Consumption Trends

The research found dollar growth to be flat as shoppers change the composition of purchases.

clock April 1, 2020Alexandra Pastore

Pedestrians wearing face masks in Italy, which has witnessed a cluster outbreak of the coronavirus.

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Biotechnology, Fashion Collide in Partnership for Antimicrobial PPE

Chargeurs Fashion Technologies and Noble Biomaterials created an antimicrobial mask for health-care industry workers.

clock April 1, 2020Tracey Greenstein

John Idol (left) and Michael Kors.

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Capri Joins Battle Against COVID-19

The fashion group is donating more than $3 million across its three brands.

clock April 1, 2020Bridget Foley

Sustainable, employees, social

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Even for Sustainable Brands, It’s a Matter of Survival

Patagonia, Everlane and Reformation are brands focused on sustainability, but how long can they and start-ups afford to do the right thing?

clock April 1, 2020Kaley Roshitsh

Futurists Look Ahead

Business Features

Life in a Post-Pandemic World: Reading the Tea Leaves

In a world cloaked in coronavirus anxiety, businesses must still plan for the future in ways they never considered before.

clock April 1, 2020David Moin and Rosemary Feitelberg

Central Saint Martins RTW Fall 2020

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U.K. Fashion Students Decry Degree Show Cancellations Due to Virus

The graduation showcases are an opportunity for students to show their work to key industry leaders.

clock March 31, 2020Bryan Tan

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