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Field Notes: Small Business, Big Interest

Enthusiasm for shopping and starting small businesses continues to increase as solution options grow.

Matchmaking Platforms Supporting Italy’s Fashion Supply Chain Gain Steam

Digital business-to-business solutions such as Italian Artisan and Mipel Lab are supporting fashion SMEs.

LGBTQ Gen Zers Are Poised to Be the Most Financially Responsible in the Community

New research from Daylight reveals how Gen Z Americans who identify as LGBTQ approach finances.

Luxury Sector Bounces Back, Major Opportunities in Sustainability, Resale

A new luxury sector report from Comité Colbert and BCG shows growth in resale opportunity, but attracting new…

Amid Inflation Younger Consumers Continue to Stand Out With Updated Behaviors

The buying power of Gen Z is growing, joining Millennials as the consumers to win even as they face rising…

New Data Finds Emerging Shifts in Consumer Behavior Amid Evolving Economic Landscape

Pitney Bowes consumer survey examines how rising inflation and interest rates, retailer overstocks and…

Mulberry Sees China Business Rebounding as Lockdowns Lift

"I'm confident about China; the government is doing everything it can to encourage business," said Mulberry…

Field Notes: Categories Are Getting a Wellness Edit

A heightened focus on health and wellness is emerging across all markets, including apparel and footwear.

Working With Clients: A One-on-one Approach to Styling

Personal stylists require a broad range of skills but can earn six figures.

Report Reveals Spending Plans of Canadian Millennials

The PayPal Canada survey looked at the spending plans of Millennials.

Cross-border Fintech Firm Currenxie Joins Amazon’s Payment Service Provider Program

Amazon's Payment Service Provider Program is designed to enhance its ability to detect, prevent and take…

New Data Flags Hidden Risks of the Gig Economy in the Last Mile

To offer competitive same-day delivery many companies have turned to nontraditional carriers.

Are Consumers Laughing at Your Brand?

New data from Oracle reveals shoppers' sentiment toward businesses that use humor.

Varsity Headwear Takes on Sustainable Transportation, Partners With DHL

Varsity Headwear's partnership with DHL International spotlights sustainability in the transportation segment.

Field Notes: BNPL Updates

Pay in installment companies are advancing offerings as consumers continue to lean on flexible options.