A model on the Dundas runway, with a livestream video of others waiting backstage.

LONDON — Dundas is breaking into e-commerce with twin prongs, setting up a brand site coupled with a shoppable feed on Instagram, both of which are set to launch Friday.

Customers will be able to toggle between the two platforms, Dundasworld.com and dundasworld, and while the approach may be an unconventional one in luxury, chief executive officer Sarah Crook said it makes sense for a brand that wants to stand apart.

“We are positioned much more like a disruptor and the collections are really about seasonless, timeless fashion. We needed to go outside of just pure e-commerce,” said Crook in an interview.

She called Instagram “a very strong tool” for the Dundas customer, and said the fusion of editorial, social media and shopping is gaining momentum.

“Ultimately, I think that people want one destination for seeing a product on someone great, engaging with it, falling in love with it, clicking through and purchasing it. That is one consumer journey that you can’t take away. Then there’s the other consumer journey where you just say, ‘I want to buy this dress, I am going to this dotcom,’” she said.

Dundas, founded two years ago by Peter Dundas and Evangelo Bousis, creates seasonless, numbered ready-to-wear collections. The label shows during Paris couture week and has also struck up a strategy of traveling flagships.

The latest is in residence at Selfridges until the end of July. The flagship concept launched in L.A., and has since traveled to Mykonos, Manhattan and Dallas via collaborations with various retailers.

Crook said the brand is always looking for ways to captivate, and speak to, the customer.

Earlier this month at the Dundas show in Paris, the room was filled with screens beaming out behind-the-scenes footage of models arriving and prepping backstage. As soon as the show began, that black-and-white footage morphed into a live feed showing Dundas backstage sending those same models onto the runway.


A look at the new Dundaswold.com site.  Courtesy


Crook said those artfully shot images and clips will make their way onto Instagram, with related products to be sold there and on the site.

Crook believes Instagram shopping, with its constant flow of lush editorial features, offers a world of opportunity to luxury brands.

“Luxury is just touching on it now. It’s a bit like mobile shopping was 10 years ago. People said, ‘No one is ever going to buy a bag for 2,000 pounds on a phone!’ Lo and behold, if you look at the numbers and the percentages today, everyone is,” said Crook, a fashion veteran who previously served as ceo of Christopher Kane, and who has held top positions at brands including Stella McCartney and Club 21.

She believes that having Instagram and the brand’s web site work in tandem is a winning formula that could well generate 25 percent of sales over the next two to three years.

“You can highlight products on Instagram and then draw them through into the web site and have a shopping experience. The platform that we are launching means that we are totally flexible, malleable. We can be innovative, we can be spontaneous and that is something that correlates all the way through the brand,” she said.

Ultimately, the strategy is about capturing and holding the attention of the consumer.

“They can look at somebody that they aspire to or see someone great wearing the product and that they can click through and buy it. It’s an immediate purchase, and I think it is a strong way forward for us,” Crook said.

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