Amex Rose Gold

According to a survey conducted by American Express, credit card design is almost as important to consumers as the credit card benefits. In fact, the recent Amex Trendex survey found that 59 percent of consumers would be interested in selecting their card design with a further 39 percent of consumers reporting that the look and feel of a card is important to them when choosing a credit card.

Notably, one of the most popular American Express colorways was a limited-edition metal rose gold card in October 2018 following the Millennial pink trend du jour. The limited-time offering resulted in 65 percent of new card members selecting the metallic card. Now, with consumers reporting the importance of selecting their own card aesthetic, American Express has announced it has brought the metallic hue back permanently.

“At American Express, we aim to bring beauty to every day,” said Rachel Stocks, executive vice president, global premium products and benefits at American Express. “In recent years, credit card design and form factor have continued to evolve and pique the interest of consumers. Not only that, but consumers are also looking for increased options to personalize and customize the products and services that matter most to them. Whether it be a credit card’s design aesthetic or the benefits that it offers, consumers are continuously seeking out products that offer them the most option and choice to best suit their needs and lifestyles.”

And at the same time, building on American Express gold members’ current dining rewards and benefits, the rose gold card comes in conjunction with the launch of a $120 Uber Cash benefit for gold card members this month. To celebrate both launches, the company is also offering a “limited-edition rose gold meal this Valentine’s Day in NYC and Los Angeles, which features a gold-dusted Knockout Sando from Fuku featuring conversation candy heart-inspired messages stamped on the bun, like “Be Mine” and “XOXO,” a bubbly beverage, custom candle and a sweet treat.”

American Express is brining back its popular rose gold card.  Courtesy Image.

“We’re excited to bring back the rose gold card design as a permanent option for our card members to choose from,” Stocks said. “We’re constantly listening to our card members and evolving our products and services to best meet their lifestyle needs. Not only have we received requests to bring back the rose gold card since its last limited time offer, we hear consumer feedback through regular American Express Trendex surveys.”

In the future, Stocks told WWD, American Express will continue to evolve its card portfolio and provide its card members with more choices and flexibility. Though that’s just one way the company will continue to listen to its members.

“Our approach has long been to listen to our card members and regularly evolve our cards and offers to ensure we are continuing to engage and support them in the areas that matter most,” Stocks said. “When COVID-19 first began, we naturally saw a shift in our card members’ spending. By actively listening and understanding our card members’ needs, we were able to quickly adapt our products and services to further support their at-home lifestyles, including introducing new offerings across streaming and wireless services, grocery, business essentials and more.”

Last month, American Express launched a number of new offerings including $30 per month with PayPal and up to $1,700 in value through Amex Offers made with purchases at a number of online retailers including Goldbelly, The Container Store, Best Buy, among others, to its platinum card members.

“Through listening to our card members, we’re able to deliver more relevant and rich offerings to them and build stronger relationships with our card members,” Stocks said.

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