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Amperity is delving deeper into the consumer mind-set with the acquisition of Custora, the customer analytics platform. The pairing of the two platforms, who share similar missions of helping brands improve customer relationships through data, also shares a notable customer overlap from brands that were already using the platforms in tandem.

Combined, Amperity and Custora can tap a large portfolio of brands from the S&P 500, including The Gap Inc., Tiffany & Co., Lucky Brand, J. Crew, Uniqlo, and Kenneth Cole, among others. Companies who have been customers of both Amperity and Custora will now have the advantage of working with just one team to identify and engage with customers.

The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

According to Corey Pierson, cofounder and chief executive officer of Custora, as the two platforms worked together, with customers, over the past couple of years, he “immediately recognized [Amperity’s] capability to rapidly and accurately deliver the elusive customer 360.” Further, he said, combining onto a single platform will provide the “ability to modernize a brand’s entire customer data infrastructure — from the way customer data is unified and stored, to how the entire enterprise can access the data they need to make daily decisions around better personalizing the customer experience.”

Under Amperity, Custora’s functionality will be integrated into Amperity’s platform allowing an acceleration of product development for its advanced machine learning platform in unifying and analyzing customer data. The integration will empower Amperity’s Customer 360 with predictive customer insights, point-and-click access, cross-channel campaign deployment and A/B testing, and loyalty programs functionality suite. Further, brands will be enabled to customize these models for specific needs.

“After seeing so many of our customers achieve something they never thought possible — connecting all their data to a precise, timely, and complete 360 — it became clear that in order to truly achieve our mission, we needed to expand our aperture to give brands more insight on their customers,” said Kabir Shahani, cofounder and chief executive officer of Amperity. “This partnership represents a major milestone in Amperity’s growth, allowing us to accelerate value for our customers and deliver the comprehensive end-to-end platform they need.”

Under the acquisition, Custora will be re-branded and officially become Amperity’s East Coast headquarters.

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