Photo courtesy of 180 The Store.

Retrofit and repair apparel company Atelier & Repairs launched its two-week guest residency at 180 the Store, a multifunctional retail space that hosts presentations, installations, pop-up shows and events. The store is located in TriBeCa in downtown New York.

Women’s and men’s reworked vintage collections will be sold exclusively at 180 the Store, with the likes of one-of-a-kind vintage Dior and Gucci pieces and men’s surplus military and denim apparel strewn throughout. Many pieces feature patches and other hand-rendered details, according to 180 the Store.

Maurizio Donadi, cofounder of Atelier & Repairs, said his partnership with the owner of 180 the Store began with meeting Denise Williamson, its owner and founder, “serendipitously,” according to Donadi. “The layout of [180 the Store] and the gallery atmosphere sparked my interest in wanting to create an installation. The mantra of Atelier & Repairs is one-of-a-kind. it’s not art but artistic. I saw 180 the Store as a great space to share our ideas. It’s an environment that perfectly blends our similar aesthetics. It highlights our mutual attraction of each other’s point of view. Showcasing our shared innate sense of experimentation and appreciation for each other’s work.”

Photo courtesy of 180 the Store. 

Williamson sought to develop a retail space in TriBeCa for designers and companies that “allows designers to showcase their collections based on their own vision and creativity.” Williamson told WWD, “I highly respect Maurizio’s work and we’re excited to host the Atelier & Repairs installation at 180 the Store.”

Donadi added, “We don’t want to limit ourselves by being a brand. So exhibiting in a space like 180 the Store naturally validates the idea that the setting is conducive to art. Atelier & Repairs is 50 percent creativity and 50 percent responsibility. We’re not going to solve all the problems, but it starts with being responsible. We want to feel like what we’re doing is important and the responsibility aspect makes a statement. To summarize, there is a way of validating the idea of being responsible that doesn’t compromise the creativity.”

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