In the beauty industry, consumers are the ultimate disrupter. And as beauty brands continue to grow with a smarter and more conscious consumer, subscription-based beauty box, BoxyCharm, is providing brands a pathway for a more personalized connection.

Earned with intelligent personalization, loyal connections to subscribers, or ‘Charmers,’ has given BoxyCharm an almost “cult-like following,” one that gives brands an average of 100,000-400,000 views touts’ partnerships with leading brands. Value is given to consumers too, who are met with BoxyCharm’s authoritative direction and encouragement to embrace new products and brands.

Brands including Too Faced, Living proof, MAC, Tarte Cosmetics, Elemis, Dose of Colors, Juice Beauty, Glow Recipe, Benefit, Living Proof, and Morphe, have been continued partners of BoxyCharm.

Here, Yosef Martin, founder and chief executive officer of BoxyCharm, talks to WWD Studios about the unique beauty consumer, the importance of brand authenticity, and how beauty brands are engaging with “Charmers.”

BoxyCharm, Yosef Martin

Yosef Martin, Founder & CEO of BoxyCharm.  FACUNDOBUSTOS

WWD Studios: Tell us about what makes the BoxyCharm member unique?

Yosef Martin: Our ‘Charmer’ is always looking to discover the best in beauty and lifestyle. She is extremely engaged and looks to us as her authority when it comes to decision making and product consideration when shopping at top destinations like Sephora and Ulta. This, in turn, has created a real cult-like following on social media with an engaged community like no other.

WWD Studios: What makes a beauty brand successful from a consumer standpoint?

YM: Authenticity and Community are key. When you have a real community of people interested in what you’re doing and what you have to say, it creates an organic way of engaging with them to be able to service them better. Our community is what drives a lot of the decision making as well as the overwhelming success we see month to month.

WWD Studios: Why is personalization uniquely important in how beauty brands engage with consumers?

YM: We know that beauty is not one size fits all. When the consumer is looking for the best products to invest in, being able to deliver a more personalized experience is a sure way to keep them engaged. If you can tell them what they are looking for, why they need it, how to use it, and deliver it straight to their doorstep, it creates an unmatched in-store experience from the comfort of their own home.

WWD Studios: What is today’s shopper looking to find from a beauty brand?

YM: Testing, or discovery, still remains very much crucial to the way that we are shopping today. Customers want to try before they buy. It allows the consumer to feel more in control of their product purchases. Inclusivity is another crucial “must-have” in terms of a brand’s DNA.

Consumers want to know, do they make products for every ethnicity, skin tone, skin type, hair type, etc.? As we continue to move forward and the beauty industry continues to evolve, the demand for this will only increase. Consumers are also becoming more conscious of the products they are using based on what ingredients exist in products.

WWD Studios: What are beauty consumers’ expectations?

YM: Consumers are expecting brands to go above and beyond for them while in the process of curating and producing products that not only actually work, for an individual, but that also will not cause harm to their bodies. The expectations are definitely heightening based on how informed consumers are becoming.

WWD Studios: How does BoxyCharm help brands combat a saturated beauty market?

YM: We have been delivering unprecedented results to our brand partners ever since we really started to understand the consumer and what she was looking for: getting her the right products at the right time. We believe that because of how saturated the market has become, not only are brands finding it difficult to keep their current, and potential, customers engaged, consumers are overwhelmed with all of the options they have.

Partnering with us allows brands to bridge this gap by connecting our highly engaged consumers to their brand both through product placement and on-time discovery within the physical box, but also within the 360 digital campaign that is delivered to them during the month of feature.

WWD Studios: How does access to customer data influence engagement?

YM: Once we are able to hone in on the data behind our consumers, we are better equipped to go back to our communities asking the right questions and delivering the right content (both digital and physical) that either speak to the concerns, amplify the success, or drill down further into the ambiguous details (good or bad). This just brings the idea of community and success of the business full circle.

WWD Studios: How does working with influencers strengthen a brand’s connection with the customer?

YM: Influencer Marketing is already in its third stage of growth and it has definitely earned its spot within the marketing mix. Working with influencers is the second-best way to engage consumers outside of the direct communications from the brand via social.

You are able to leverage even more organic content that sometimes doesn’t prove as effective when coming directly from the brand itself. It also allows for an unfiltered response to product efficacy, usage and overall brand messaging. You are able to analyze the consumer in a different way through the lens of the influencer platform.

WWD Studios: What is next for BoxyCharm in 2020?

YM: Going into 2020, there are some really big things ahead of us. We are opening up the new year with a huge focus on “being you”. We know that most New Year’s resolutions are focused on changing things about yourself, but this year we are encouraging our community to just be themselves and to do more of what makes you, you. This theme will be pretty prominent throughout the first half of 2020 and will manifest itself through new partnerships, product features, events, and more!