Calik Denim

Comfort is a constant for denim, but the lasting lifestyle changes of COVID-19, such as home working as a norm, will lead to faster shifts in the way we dress. Acknowledging this new lifestyle priority, Calik has developed a new groundbreaking stretch concept for F/W 21 called Skinlithe. Developed specifically for jeans, Skinlithe will break ground in the industry with its ‘Follows the Body’ feature which promises enhanced body sculpting form thanks to a specially engineered yarn that boasts performance elasticity of 60-100%.

Skinlithe is Calik’s Denim Solution for Sportswear Addicted Gen-Z’s

Gen-Z is an audience that has been raised on athleisure and streetwear movements, so its understanding that comfort is key for this consumer. Skinlithe is Calik’s answer to Gen-Z’s need for comfort and ease of movement. The concept offers soft-to-touch-texture and ultra-comfort that works perfectly for jeans that are designed to transition seamlessly between lounging and living, supporting work, rest and play.

One of Skinlithe’s key performance features is its ability to follow body shape and movement, offering a flexible and flattering hold, without feeling any pressure. Skinlithe represents an innovation in yarn technology as it includes different fibres to give natural softness. Combining the denim look with the comfort of tights, the lightweight fabric appeals to both traditional jeanswear enthusiasts and sportswear addicted consumers alike. For brands looking for the ultra flexibility and high elasticity, Skinlith is also offered in zero cotton alternatives as well as a stay black option which prevents colour fading.

Skinlithe Provides the Perfect Solution for Seasonless Core Collections

Gen-Z are already digital natives but enforced isolation has placed an even greater importance on e-commerce and how products are viewed and shopped online. Calik’s new Skinlithe comfort solutions go hand-in-hand with the increased focus on digital as it gives brands the opportunity to shout about new material innovation. Skinlithe’s mass-market appeal and seasonless style makes it a crucial option for never-out-of-stock styles that consumers can return to with trust every season. For retailers, this is about ensuring the product proposition of core denim items can convince the consumer they are making the right spending decision. Calik’s supply model, fast service and quality is perfectly set up for e-commerce, making it easier for brands to streamline their business.

Supply Chain Reshoring Puts Turkey into Focus

Whilst the priority at present is to contain the spread of this deadly virus and help the individuals affected, as an industry we’re all too aware of the impact on the fashion supply chain and our potential over-reliance on Far East production. The disruption is undoubtedly hastening many retailers and suppliers to reassess their supply chains within the global textile industry. It is expected that Turkey will take on an even stronger leading role as a producer beyond the pandemic, especially for countries that are dependent on foreign production. Turkey’s expert history in denim production along with its central position within Europe will make it a crucial proposition for brands and retailers, whose fast-track and capsule collections are dependent on very short lead times and high flexibility from suppliers and factories.