Calik Denim's 'Selfsized' jeans. Photo courtesy of Calik Denim.

Next month, Istanbul-based Calik Denim will be offering its fall 2020 collection, Eudemonia, “in light of innovation’s growing effect on denim.”

Eudemonia, a philosophy term, refers to human happiness, prosperity and welfare. The idea is that its collection “addresses sustainability from a wider perspective,” an endeavor that includes the introduction of new sustainable technologies and concepts for the brand. Among these is D-Clear, a technology applied throughout the entire collection, that uses 40 percent less water in indigo dyeing and 83 percent less during the finishing process, in addition to reducing the volume of chemicals used per meter of fabric for a collective savings of 94 percent, the company said.

Also of note is its Selfsized concept, which helps minimize the risk of buying the wrong size jeans by offering a one single-size jean that can fit a range of wearers “perfectly” due to ultrahigh elasticity and cotton for added softness and comfort, the company said. For its Eudemonia collection, Selfsized fabrics will embody a more “authentic” denim look and feel via a selection of salt-and-pepper effects and vintage washes.

The “Puff-Up,” by Calik Denim. Photo courtesy of Calik Denim.  Eric_Kvatek

Enhanced initiatives for Eudemonia include Selfsized Boost, which features greater “holding power with a soft hand feeling” and creates a more sculpted appearance, as well as its Colorart concept that offers a smooth surfaced “leather look” for a lightweight jean equipped with performance qualities, which takes form in “leather touch and matte looks” via a palette of black, burgundy and navy blue, all according to the company.

Its Fly Jean, Calik Denim’s well-known, ultrasoft and flexible ath-leisure product, remains a staple in the collection. For Eudemonia, the Fly Jean will feature an additional shiny coated fabric family that enables high elasticity with a lightweight feel, the company said. And lastly, its new Puff Up concept provides comfort, warmth and “soft handling” inside the fabric while maintaining a level of visual elegance and authenticity, according to the firm.

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