This photo shows Levi's jeans hanging on a wall at Levi's innovation lab in San Francisco. The process of making and selling an item of clothing is speeding up, as shoppers want products faster and faster in the age of Amazon. Companies like Tommy Hilfiger and Levi Strauss are digitizing different steps, like creating digital showrooms for buyers who place orders based on computerized rendering of a garment or producing 3D samples that are emailed to factories, instead of waiting for a physical prototypeDigital Fashion, San Francisco, USA - 09 Feb 2018

While parents search online for back-to-school goods, retailers are searching for data on what parents seek. And recent research from Captify revealed the top consumer product, or CPG, goods and apparel brands searched this past b-t-s season.

After scrubbing billions of search terms this past August, Captify said Levi Strauss & Co. was tops in apparel searches while Liquid Paper garnered most searches in the CPG segment.

The search intelligence company said by understanding consumer search behavior brands “can develop marketing strategies to find their audience whitespaces and understand and reach their true audience.”

Captify chief executive officer Dominic Joseph said it is also an “opportunity to see how consumers are searching for competitors, enabling brands to implement competitive conquesting strategies and intercept consumers searching for other brands.”

“Search data gives brands unique insight into what consumers are truly interested in, allowing brands to identify high-value audiences for planning and media activations,“ Joseph added.

Joseph also noted that the company was “surprised to see that school supplies brands such as Liquid Paper and Pink Pearl were most searched by consumers compared to brands such as Scotch and Sharpie,” which raises questions over this generation’s expectations for mistake-making.

Aside from Levi Strauss & Co., the other top apparel brands on the search list were perennial fall favorites for the academia-bound youth of America: Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. But besting Adidas and Nike was a brand the late Burt Reynolds could have gotten behind: Wrangler at number eight. It’s also noteworthy that entertainment franchises Marvel and Disney made the list of the top apparel brand searches.

Regarding b-t-s sales this year, the National Retail Federation projected b-t-s and college shopping at $82.8 billion, slightly down from last year, but Customer Growth Partners had much more optimistic projections showing a 5.1 percent increase over last year and the best spending year in over a decade.

“Amazingly enough, the growth is paced by apparel, up an exceptional 6.7 percent year-over-year, the best in over a dozen years…with more of a balanced spending picture between tech and apparel after many years of outsized growth in tech,” said Customer Growth Partners president Craig Johnson.

The next big spending holiday is Halloween, with spending ramping up over the next two weeks. The NRF expects sales of Halloween-related products to reach $9 billion — just shy of last year’s record $9.1 billion. “Celebrants are planning to spend an average of $86.79, up from last year’s $86.13, with more than 175 million Americans planning to partake in Halloween festivities this year,” the NRF said.

Top 10 Most Searched Clothing/Retail Brands for Back-to-School

  1. Levi’s
  2. Tommy Hilfiger
  3. Ralph Lauren
  4. Marvel
  5. Fruit of the Loom
  6. Puma
  7. Disney
  8. Wrangler
  9. Adidas
  10. Nike

Top 10 Most Searched School Supply Brands

  1. Liquid Paper
  2. Mead
  3. Sharpie
  4. Pink Pearl
  5. Bic
  6. Expo
  7. Elmers
  8. Five Star
  9. Texas Instruments
  10. Dixon

Source: Captify

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