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Textiles have gone to pot — quite literally. CBD-infused textiles were recently introduced by Acabada ProActiveWear and are the first of its kind in the market, according to the brand. Its special fabric treatment was developed by Belgian-based firm Devan Chemicals, a company that specializes in function finishes for the global textile industry.

Devan Chemical’s cannabidiol fabric treatment is part of its “R-Vital” range of micro-encapsulated active ingredients, which have contained active substances such as aloe vera, Q10, and vitamin E. CBD, the latest addition to R-Vital portfolio, boasts therapeutic capabilities for the wearer, such as reduction of pain and inflammation. In partnership with Acabada ProActiveWear, a CBD-infused activewear brand launched in 2019, the companies created luxury fabrics made with the highest-quality organic CBD. The brand was created in New York, but is produced in Portugal.

Acabada’s chief executive officer and cofounder, Seth Baum, conceived of the idea for CBD-infused textiles after spending three decades in the apparel industry. Baum said he recognized the positive effects of CBD on pain and inflammation, and simultaneously noted that top athletes use the active ingredient as part of their training and recovery rituals. So along with his cofounder and chief creative officer, Katrina Petrillo, the duo created Acabada to fill a need for high-fashion performance apparel with therapeutic benefits.

The garments contain up to 25 grams of zero-THC, lab-certified, 99.9 percent pure CBD, which enable the benefits to last through 40 high-intensity wear and wash cycles. And when customers approach the 40 wear-and-wash mark, they can recycle the garments through Acabada’s upcycling program, which takes the recycled, synthetic fabrics and repurposes them for use in other commercial materials, all according to the company.

Photo courtesy of Acabada ProActiveWear. 

And the process is a bit unusual. Acabada explained, “Through a scientific process called micro-encapsulation, CBD molecules are strategically infused into luxe, high-performance fabrics by wrapping microscopic droplets of zero-THC, hemp-derived CBD, with a protective coating. Using Devan’s patented textile finishing treatment, the microcapsules bond to the fibers in the fabric. Strategically placed within the garments to align with muscle groups, the microcapsules gradually open over time as each layer meets with friction from your skin. When the individual capsules break open, the CBD is released and transdermally absorbed, where it interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system to help regulate and reduce pain and inflammation caused by physical activities. In the meantime, Devan has put together extensive research and testing documentation in order to accommodate questions from brands and retailers on this trendy subject.”

Baum added, “While typical CBD products such as tinctures and edibles are growing exponentially in popularity, we began to envision a product that addressed health and wellness through a different lens. By physically infusing CBD into our garments, our products live at the intersection of fashion, fitness and wellness.” And the company said through its apparel technology, “recovery starts from the moment you get dressed,” as the active CBD can help reduce soreness and promote healing “before the first squat, lunge or crunch.”

But that’s not all. Devan Chemicals said it is developing additional CBD-infused products with multiple other brands and retailers, which will include items such as pillows, bedsheets and sleepwear. And keep your eyes peeled, as the firm also noted that fabric application is spreading to “traditional” textile countries such as Portugal, Turkey, China and India, with several new CBD-infused products hitting the retail market in September during New York market week.

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