Chip & Pepper Jeans cofounder Chip Foster released a new apparel company this week, Lake of the Woods, a Canada-based brand that uses 100 percent U.S. cotton for its pieces made entirely in Los Angeles, according to the firm.

Founded in 2019, Lake of the Woods is described as a basics apparel manufacturer and distributor, with its warehouse on-site at its South Central L.A. headquarters, enabling services such as same-day shipping for shoppers.

Foster was inspired to create the brand after extensive world travel. He sought to “return to his roots” by creating a collection that captured the “lake life” of his childhood, the company said. Its brand aesthetic is a bit punky: Think of skull-and-crossbones prints across its product line coupled with messaging that reads: “The piece is comfortable AF.”

Foster said that “Creating a brand that meant something to me personally became most important. The brand represents my youth and the manufacturing is done in L.A., my home — the best in the world when it comes to apparel production. With this collection, I’m striving to connect with people on a level beyond what most apparel brands achieve: A meaningful relationship where loyalty is everything.”   

Lake of the Woods’ first collection includes T-shirts, hoodies, and long-sleeve T-shirts in several colors, as well as “old school” Chip & Pepper-style tie-dye items, the company said, and is available from April 8 onward with a limited, exclusive run, online only, via its web site.

Foster cofounded Chip & Pepper Jeans with his twin brother, Pepper, in 1987. Beginning as a denim and sportswear brand, Chip & Pepper eventually entered the premium denim market in 2003.