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Boasting over 335 million users and 240 billion pins, Pinterest is one of the leaders in social media, looked at as the curated virtual search engine for users. While in numbers alone the company’s user base is smaller when compared to other leading platforms, Dash Hudson, the visual marketing software company that helps brands grow audience and revenue through social media, says Pinterest holds endless opportunities for brands by connecting them with an important demographic.

According to Dash Hudson’s new eBook, the image-based site’s users are more intentional than other social media users and use the platform to inform buying decisions, search for products, and even plan out major life events such as weddings, travel, or home design.

“We’ve seen many of our most forward-thinking customers put a focus on Pinterest, particularly in the last 18 months,” said Thomas Rankin, co-founder and chief executive officer of Dash Hudson. “It is in many cases the top revenue driver from social for these brands. Pinterest is an opportunity to drive traffic and sales from an audience who is actively looking to purchase.”

Concurrently, Dash Hudson’s research has found that 84 percent of active Pinterest users use the platform to plan for purchases. And 98 percent of users have made purchases because of Pinterest. Notably, 40 percent of Pinterest users have a household income of over $100,000. Just recently Jessica Alba, the actress and Honest Company founder, shared in an interview with Architectural Digest that she had fully planned her newly finished home renovation using Pinterest.

Dash Hudson’s eBook noted that when brands use Pinterest as a direct-to-consumer marketing tool, it is able to enter a consumer’s planning journey early in the ideation phase, making the platform the “perfect launchpad” for consumers looking to purchase.

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Pinterest users are looking for inspiration.  Courtesy Image.

Consequently, as a visual tool, Pinterest has the added advantage of retention. In its eBook, Dash Hudson writes that “our brain needs only one-tenth of a second to understand an image, and we retain visual information 6 times better than the information we hear or read.”

As brands plan a marketing strategy around Pinterest it is important to consider key differences that make Pinterest stand apart from other marketing tools. “Think of it as a curated search engine,” Dash Hudson said. “Users are going to Pinterest when they’re planning their next vacation, meal prepping for the week ahead, or designing their dream home. This means that brands need to think about curating visuals that will feed the visual search engine and be discovered by their target audiences.”

Cultivating engagement on Pinterest requires more than trendy visuals, brands must prepare a strategy that understands the mindset of its target audience.

One key component of Pinterest is its individualized curation of pins to each user. Instead of displaying content that will stop users mid-scroll, the Pinterest curates content based on what the user is searching for. And in contrast to other social media platforms that benefit from carefully timed posts, Pinterest implores posting multiple times a day, every day. “Building up your content is what Pinterest is all about,” noted Dash Hudson.

Dash Hudson ebook

As a visual tool, Pinterest Pins have a greater retention power.  Courtesy Image.

A brand’s Pinterest business profile gives companies insights into metrics that can help it to understand the types of content its specific audience is looking for. The profile also tracks Pin performance and audience engagement on a built-in dashboard that offers a high-level overview of an account’s performance.

While other social media platforms are focused on peer-to-peer activity, Pinterest fosters a sense of individualism and positivity with authenticity at the forefront. “Pinterest is where users go to get inspiration for their life and purchases,” advises Dash Hudson. “To effectively craft a strategy that will generate real results for your brand, you need to keep a pulse on which types of Pins and boards are performing with your target audience and from there, the revenue and brand-building opportunities are endless.”