The deployment of artificial intelligence and augmented reality as well as leveraging the power of influencers to deliver elevated, relevant and more personalized shopping experiences for consumers are some of the content themes being presented at this year’s WWD Digital Beauty Forum.

The event, held in New York on Feb. 13, features speakers from L’Oréal, Michael Ashton Beauty, Ouai Haircare, Glow Recipe, Iris Nova and Dash Hudson, among many others.

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The lineup includes Thomas Rankin, chief executive officer of Dash Hudson, who will share the stage with Ouai Haircare to discuss how Instagram is being used to “crack the new category code.” The session will be presented as a case study on how the hair-care brand executed a highly successful launch into the fragrance category by leveraging insights from Dash Hudson.

Evy Wilkins, vice president of marketing at Traackr, will share the stage with Chelsea Riggs, brand president at Amika, on how the company restructured its influencer program and the results of key campaigns.

Andy Mauro, ceo of Automat, will be sharing insights about AI and its use in optimizing customer journeys while creating a higher level of “interactivity and personalization at every touch point.” The company noted that with the first generation of chatbots, “brands have observed positive results on specific use cases like diagnostics and beauty quizzes, most often by integrating messaging functionality into their web site. Today, they have the opportunity to leverage ‘conversational AI’ in a bigger way to improve customer journeys and transform strangers into brand advocates.”

Also aligned with the theme of technology to enhance personalization will be a presentation by YouCam’s senior vice president and general manager, Wayne Liu. Liu will introduce the concept of “Beauty 3.0” — which is “the next generation” of personalized beauty shopping that uses advanced AI, AR and machine learning technology to create “a completely custom consumer journey,” the company noted.