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Embracing the “new normal” due to the coronavirus pandemic means going full throttle on all things digital — even for fashion brands.

Singapore-based brand Browzwear, a technology solution firm for the apparel industry, and Stitch, a tech incubator originating from PVH Europe, said the companies will work closely together with the newly launched Stitch Accelerator Program, which creates 3-D design workflows and tools for fashion and apparel brands.

Its objective is to illustrate how 3-D technology can help fashion companies operate more efficiently and sustainably, the companies explained: Browzwear’s “true-to-life” 3-D prototypes can “accurately replace physical samples for both designers and patternmakers throughout the design, prototyping, fitting and sales processes,” the companies said.

By leveraging Browzwear’s 3-D solutions — which was already a component of Stitch’s digital apparel workflows — Stitch’s training and certification program aims to “ensure designers, patternmakers and product developers have hands-on experience with the technologies powering digital transformation throughout the industry,” they noted.

Stitch’s Accelerator Program will prepare participants for a “fully digital apparel development workflow” created by Stitch, inclusive of training with VStitcher, Browzwear’s 3-D apparel development software, which was implemented recently by PVH Europe. Participants in the program will also be able to work for brands interested in scaling up their 3-D operations, such as Stitch’s first client, PVH Amsterdam, the firms said.

Tommy Hilfiger RTW Spring 2020

Tommy Hilfiger, RTW Spring 2020. The brand announced plans to have 100 percent digital design workflow by 2022.  Giovanni Giannoni for WWD

The announcement comes on the heels of Tommy Hilfiger’s announced plans to have a 100 percent digital design workflow by 2022. And as part of their ongoing partnership, Browzwear will continue to build solutions in partnership with Stitch, to “accelerate their ability to automate and optimize design and merchandising workflows, reduce waste of physical resources and drive a faster time to market for PVH’s brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein,” the companies explained.

“Browzwear’s long-standing relationship with Stitch is part of our commitment to partnering with stakeholders throughout the apparel development process to bring to market solutions that will make their organizations and the entire industry more efficient, sustainable and profitable,” said Sharon Lim, cofounder and ceo, Browzwear.

“We know from our vast experience that adopting 3-D solutions brings companies competitive advantage in a challenging business environment. To maximize that advantage, it’s imperative that we work together to re-design the product-life-cycle of the future.”

And Dominic Sluiter, head of Stitch3D, said that as 3-D design is picking up speed in the fashion industry, the firm partnered with Stitch to “[push] the scalable digital value chain. With the Stitch Accelerator program, we develop 3-D Design talent to support the 3-D value chain for our clients and offer them instant 3-D firepower, while they transform in their organization and talent.”

“Browzwear enables us to develop the best talent and build the fastest and most scalable 3-D workflow possible. Stitch and Browzwear have a long friendship working very closely helping the fashion industry go digital – and we are glad to be strengthening our relationship through this collaboration.”

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