By  on July 5, 2019

Textile innovation company Evrnu is breathing new life into textiles through its debut of NuCycl, the firm’s first commercially available technology that converts old cotton garments into high-quality materials that can be used for sustainable apparel. Garments made with its NuCycl technology can be disassembled at the molecular level, regenerated multiple times, and reused to make new materials, helping brands reduce impacts related to the creation and disposal of garments, the company said.

NuCycl enables designers, brands and retailers to significantly cut footprints regarding water, soil, trees and air by keeping materials in circulation, allowing for a truly circular process, in lieu of growing or locating new materials, Evrnu noted. The company has partnered with international fiber producers to scale its technology through a licensing model for the market, which will be available by 2020, ultimately enabling the fashion industry to modernize and streamline sustainably and cost-effectively, according to the firm.

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