By  on July 1, 2019

Green consumerism is on the rise — and that means fashion brands are responding with the adoption of sustainable initiatives all across the spectrum. And companies such as Thr3efold, a technology start-up that connects fashion brands to ethical factories worldwide, seeks to set sustainable businesses up for success through its new Coaching Club that launches in July. The program is designed to equip small brands with knowledge and strategy needed to thrive in a fiercely competitive market, providing businesses with “answers to un-Google-able questions.”

Its six-month digital group coaching program is accessed through a membership that includes four online brand courses: Pitch Press, Rock Retailers, Master Marketing and Crush Crowdfunding. Jessica Kelly, founder and ceo of Thr3efold, said the company is “excited to package our 25-plus years of experience in marketing, sales, p.r., production, and development into an affordable membership to provide our brands with the keys to success in the fashion industry.” And regarding its focus on small brands, Kelly explained that “The bulk of the ethical and sustainable fashion movement has come from a groundswell of small brands that have harnessed the power of profit for good. We want to equip them to do what they do even better,” adding that the membership includes weekly coaching calls with the Thr3efold team and a private slack channel that delivers real-time feedback on course work and strategy.

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