Moncler Grenoble

Supermodels are sporting sustainable “superbly soft” clothing essentials — and as a result, Australian born Boody’s bamboo eco-wear is in high demand. Seen on the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, Boody’s Shaper Bra is multiuse and sustainably made from bamboo viscose, in addition to being lightweight, supportive and comfortable, as it has no wires or plastic embedded in the fabric.

David Stern, chief executive officer at Boody USA, told WWD, “At Boody, our focus has been first-layer, sustainable clothing essentials. Most of our styles are as perfect for outdoors as at-home, whether your adventure calls for a great hike or being cozy at your campground or on your couch. Our separates can be worn on their own, but they’re also ideal for layering. Our tank top and long-sleeve T-shirt, for example, are both closet essentials that can be easily paired together for extra warmth.”

Stern added that Boody’s entire product line is made with viscose derived from bamboo. “The technical benefits of our fabric make our apparel perfect for the outdoors. Each piece is moisture-wicking, thermoregulating, anti-static, odor-resistant, breathable and have a UPF 50-plus.”

And luxury outerwear brand Moncler knows, too, that it’s all about “inner beauty” in outerwear. The brand recently partnered with Royal DSM, a global science-based company in nutrition, health and sustainable living, to further explore the use of its bio-based Dyneema composite fabrics, signaling a departure from the conventional use of cotton and polyester.

Used in Moncler’s fall Grenoble collection, Dyneema fabric “fuses form and function into high-performance skiwear,” the brand said, adding that Dyneema is the world’s strongest and lightest fiber, “15 times stronger than steel, yet light enough to float in water.”

Sandro Mandrino, head of design for Moncler Grenoble, said the brand is “first and foremost about performance.” The Moncler team explained that it used its Grenoble collection as an opportunity to “experiment and further understand the nature and behavior of Dyneema fabrics, while simultaneously incorporating material performance with practical design.”

“Future collections will focus on expanding to new designs and fabric options in collaboration with DSM,” Mandrino added.

Marcio Manique, global business director, consumer and professional protection, DSM Protective Materials, said, “We are very excited to be working with the Moncler team to launch a collection of wonderful garments that allow people to explore the outdoors more safely and for longer periods of time. We look forward to further supporting Moncler as they develop innovative, high-tech garments — that are also sustainably sourced — through the introduction of bio-based Dyneema fabrics.”

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