By  on October 15, 2019

Sustainability-minded fashion designers at Rewilder, a Los Angeles-based accessories and apparel brand, sought to create a product that was entirely zero waste. The outcome? A stylishly designed oversize rain jacket in shimmering silver, miraculously revived from its former life as a car cover shell that transported vehicles across the Pacific a single time before heading to the trash.

In fact, Rewilder’s overall mission is zero waste. The brand takes 100 percent salvaged, high-performance materials and redesigns them into an assortment of utilitarian bags. Jenny Silbert, Rewilder’s “master scavenger,” told WWD, “Our inspiration for this jacket comes from trash, defying what it means to us and the world. Rewilder wants to change the conversation about trash from ‘Where does it go?’ to ‘What can it make?’ This jacket is different because it’s made out of nothing new. We outright rejected any component that hadn’t been previously discarded, and not only designed around, but were inspired by those very limitations.”

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