By  on August 27, 2019

“Sustainable” is far more than just a word — it’s an overarching concept and way of life that is stretching the limits, opening up new possibilities and challenging the status quo.

Just ask the folks at Mi Terro, a self-described green fashion start-up that created the “Limitless Milk Shirt,” the first shirt made from upcycled milk (a milk casein fabric) and micro-modal. Fully funded in less than two hours on Kickstarter, the young brand is already backed by investors from more than 25 countries worldwide. Robert Luo, chief executive officer of Mi Terro, told WWD, “The reason that we used upcycled milk to create a shirt came from a video about dairy waste in the U.S. that I watched on YouTube. As a self-avowed environmentalist, I was deeply troubled by how much milk is wasted every year globally.” Luo added, “Our milk fabric is three times softer than normal cotton. Because we are only using ‘unwanted’ milk, we aren’t wasting more water or land resources. Milk has 20 amino acids that are good for our body. It is also anti-microbial and temperature regulating. Our goal is to educate the public that we are overconsuming and wasting dairy products. This might sound ironic, but if one day we can’t find any more ‘unwanted’ milk, then that means we have done our job to stop dairy waste.”

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