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Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, seemingly all consumer behaviors have continued to shift at a rapid pace. And according to the latest installment of Finder’s drunk shopping survey, drunk shopping is no exception.

In fact, America’s drunk shopping habit total spend reached just $21.6 billion last year, down significantly from $44.9 billion in 2019. Notably, the decrease comes from not only a decline in the number of Americans who admitted to shopping under the influence but also a decrease in average spend.

While in 2019 Finder’s survey reported an increase to $768.58 in individual’s average yearly spend from $674.96 in 2018, the average spend in 2020 totaled just $423.73. And at the same time the percentage of Americans who admit to shopping under the influence, 21.4 percent in 2020 down from 26.4 percent in 2019.

Notably, on par with last year’s findings, Millennials were revealed to be the generation most prone to drinking and shopping at 36.5 percent, followed by 29.7 percent of Gen Z consumers, 26.5 percent of Gen X consumers, and 8 percent of Baby Boomers.

On average, Finder’s research showed that 69.7 percent of Americans drink at least one alcoholic beverage per week, though on average American drinkers consume eight alcoholic beverages per week. Millennials and Gen X are consuming the largest amounts at an average of 8.85 drinks per week.

In terms of where drunk shopping is taking place, Finder’s survey saw the highest percentage of drunk shoppers in the West, with just over a quarter of respondents in the region saying they shop under the influence. The behavior saw slightly smaller percentages with 22 percent of shoppers in the Northeast, 19.9 shoppers in the South and 19.8 shoppers in the Midwest.

While food and alcohol purchases remained the most common drunk purchases, women’s second-highest category was shoes, clothes and accessories with 55.9 percent of female respondents saying they had purchased from this category while under the influence in the last year and an average spend of $92.68. Men’s average spend in this category was slightly less at about $62.07.

Other categories that saw notable spend included vacation at an average spend of $84.52 and pet at an average of $50.89.

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