By  on July 22, 2019

Sustainable production of silk, which evidently can begin at the soil level, is making headway in China. For one of nature’s most luxurious fibers that means agricultural practices to ensure circular silk production, in addition to the reduction of carbon emissions and restoration of soil vitality for mulberry trees, among other CSR and sustainability initiatives.

This is the work of Bombyx, named after the genus of true silkmoths and mulberry silkmoths, a company that creates sustainable high-end silk fabrics with a focus on manufacturing silk from organic growing and production processes, in tandem with certified eco-friendly practices. Bombyx was founded by Hong Kong-based Profits Fund Global Holding Ltd. in 2017, as a reflection of the firm’s 23-year-old pledge to support initiatives that “honor nature and corporate social responsibility best practices.” The firm invested in a production facility located in Sichuan Province’s Yilong County in China, where silkworms are raised and harvested at an eco-friendly organic sericulture base, the company said, adding that “each step of the manufacturing process incorporates sustainability practices such as water conservation efforts, and efficient use of non-renewable and renewable energy.”

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