In addition to providing insights to Hard Rock International’s merchandising, First Insight, the technology company that empowers companies to incorporate the voice of the customer to make strategic decisions, will now also use its customer-driven experience management platform to inform functions related to the restaurant business including menu creation, design and pricing.

Hard Rock International’s global scope spans 239 locations in 68 countries including owned, licensed and managed hotels, casinos, Rock Shops, live performance venues and cafés. By using First Insight’s platform, Hard Rock International aims to make faster, better product and marketing decisions to drive sales and margin gains in its merchandise, restaurant and casinos.

“We have made the decision to expand the use of the platform into new areas based on First Insight’s ability to deliver a measurable ROI,” said Benito Mendez, vice president of merchandising at Hard Rock International. Notably, the company has already used First Insight’s technology in its product experience testing for four years.

In the expansion of the partnership, Hard Rock will now use the First Insight consumer experience capabilities to test the restaurant side of the business and its brand experience capabilities to test marketing messaging, promotions and segmenting data by consumer groups.

“Hard Rock is a well-known international leader in the hospitality market,” said Greg Petro, chief executive officer and founder of First Insight. “Increasingly, our customers in the hospitality, travel and leisure space are leveraging the First Insight platform to better listen to their customers and deliver products and services they want, at prices they are willing to pay. Hard Rock has been a great partner of First Insight’s for four years, and we are excited to expand the partnership and deliver value in new areas.”


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