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Death to returns.

As consumers become more demanding, expecting an ever-growing list of needs be met, retailers have turned toward data to make that happen. Fit Analytics, the retail sizing platform, knows the importance of initiating personalization, powering its sizing platform with the biggest data set in the industry and gaining traction for sustainability by preventing returns.

New to the company’s product line, Fit Analytics has launched the “Fit Connect” feature, which they say will enable retailers and brands to personalize a product listing page around size and availability. “The information that we return to the stores allows our partners to personalize their product landing pages in a way that improves the shopping experience for the end-user,” said Dan Mayer, head of product at Fit Analytics, “Fit Connect promotes items that are most likely to fit and be of interest to the shopper while demoting or removing items that are unlikely to fit, or are out of stock.” It is a functionality that the company says will offer the consumer a more satisfying shopping experience.

Further, the solution moves sizing and style intelligence to meet the consumer earlier in the shopping experience, which they expect will deliver an increase in conversion rate and average order value. “Rather than the experience ending in a recommendation for a size that might be out of stock,” said Mayer, “the shopping journey is instead personalized from the outset around products that are relevant to the shopper, available in their size and sure to fit.”

The Fit Connect feature was launched first with its first launch partner in a U.S. shop this August. With Fit Connect, a multiproduct page on the launch partners’ shop shows the shopper items that meet personal fit marked with a special badge indicating availability. According to Fit Analytics, an analysis of the feature’s early impact showed a positive impact on conversion rate and order value. The company plans to implement across its European sites later this year.

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