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Circularity is the name of the game in denim — and G-Star Raw is pushing the sustainability movement forward with a range of stretch denim items for spring 2020 that are specifically designed for reuse. Its sustainable Denim Icons are now available in-store and online.

The denim launch — which includes its 3301 jeans and jacket, D-Staq, Janeh, Kate, Tedie jeans and Scutar jacket — have been updated with the firm’s sustainable technologies to enable a fully circular process. Its collection is the brand’s first line that incorporates the entirety of its sustainable innovations and marks a milestone for G-Star that “further combines and scales its sustainability efforts.”

Made from organic cotton and a sustainable stretch fiber, each denim piece is created with renewable energy, without any use of harmful chemicals throughout the entire production process, inclusive of indigo dyeing, making and washing of the garments — and, not a single drop of water is wasted during the wash process, the company said.

“By using each sustainable innovation as a building block for the next — and making these technologies openly accessible — G-Star seeks to contribute to positive change in the denim industry,” the brand said. To date, impressively, the percentage of sustainable materials in the G-Star collections has grown from 1 percent in 2011 to 90 percent in 2020.

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G-Star’s Kate Boyfriend Jean. Photo courtesy of G-Star. 

But its main point of differentiation is that the items are 100 percent recyclable, “allowing for endless upcycling of your jeans and resulting in the highest denim product certification yet issued by the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute,” according to G-Star.

Cradle to Cradle is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the proliferation of circular design that holds brands accountable to the “most rigorous” sustainability measures in the world, by offering its coveted Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard for sustainably made and designed items.

Adriana Galijasevic, denim and sustainability expert at G-Star, told WWD that the Cradle to Cradle philosophy “is inspired by nature. In nature, there is no concept of waste, everything effectively becomes food for another organism or a system, and all the materials are reutilized in safe cycles. In our designs, we strive to mimic these principles.”

And Sofie Schop, sustainability director at G-Star, told WWD, “It is our long-term ambition for 2030 to eliminate waste altogether. To get there we will focus specifically on circular design in which we design for reuse and use waste as a resource.” Schop added that “By continuously expanding the sustainable offer throughout our collections and providing more responsible choices, we are making it easier for our customers to join the change.”

G-Star said its longstanding commitment to sustainability is made possible by its partners “involved in creating these icons,” such as DyStar, Saitex and Artistic Milliners – and the consumers that have supported the brand’s path to circularity.

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