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Taken amidst a busy Thanksgiving weekend, JLL’s Black Friday spending and shopping completion survey found a strong showing attendance with 67.5 percent of shoppers utilizing a physical store on Black Friday.

In the live survey, conducted during Black Friday shopping, JLL reports the “organic search continues to be the main source of the traffic to the web sites, with direct being the second source.” Additionally, “there was a 194 percent spike in traffic compared to the average number of daily sessions for the rest of the year.”

Researchers at the company said the number of shoppers who took advantage of the buy online, pick up in-store service was less than expected, finding only 1.9 percent of consumers indicating they had used the service.

Still, the overall live survey data correlates to data in JLL’s 2019 Retail Holiday Survey, where findings showed “most consumers will dash to physical stores” this season, with 51.9 percent of respondents saying they plan to buy in-store. “From our point of view, around holidays we are starting to feel like that online penetration around the holidays has plateaued and that’s going to become the new normal,” said James Cook, America’s director of retail research at JLL.

The continued trend of in-store shopping, Cook says, can be explained by three elements: time, money and budget, and the idea of exploration and education. “Time and money usually drive a big chunk of holiday shopping. When you have a list and you know what toy your nephew wants and which scarf your aunt wants and it’s a matter of getting it you’re going to make your decisions on how quickly you can get it and where to get it at the best price. People have to bridge both the online and in-store shopping in order to find the place with the best bargain and also get something as quickly as possible.”

However, for those people on a shopper’s list who they do not have a planned item for, Cook says consumers will explore in-store. “For whatever reason, algorithms online haven’t done a good job as in-store curation has done [for browsing].”

The company found roughly 29 percent of shoppers surveyed spent more than $250 on Black Friday, with 26.3 percent of Gen Z participants indicating a spend over $500.

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