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Turkish denim mill Isko said its newly debuted R-Two program is its “most revolutionarily responsible yet.” Named for a fabric blend of reused and/or recycled materials, R-Two is centered on avoiding any kind of waste whilst supplying effective sourcing solutions, the company said.

Isko explained that R-Two was developed to aid supply chains in tempering the over sourcing of raw materials and other resources used throughout the denim manufacturing process by integrating a blend of reused cotton and recycled polyester to its fabric selection, which is designed to improve “sourcing efficiency throughout the entire field-to-fabric production.”

When raw cotton is processed into yarn, for every 100 kilos of cotton approximately 10 percent is lost, according to Isko — which sparked an idea. For R-Two, Isko collects that lost material from processing and adds it back into the spinning process, yielding reused cotton that is fully traceable, documented and audited, the company explained. This new verification process was created by Isko and Sanko, its yarn supplier, and has been certified by Textile Exchange’s Content Claim Standard.

And Isko said that for recycled polyester, which can come from clear plastic bottles or other certified waste, the source material is collected, sorted, stripped of labels and caps, and cleaned before it’s ground into plastic pellets that can be re-spun into new fiber filaments. The last step blends the fiber filaments with reused cotton, yielding the R-Two fabrics. Isko can provide certifications for the Recycled Claim Standard or Global Recycled Standard, which verify material integrity by tracking recycled raw material through the supply chain from conception to completion.

“A major asset of employing recycled polyester is the energy required to produce it, which is less than that required to manufacture virgin polyester. By using more recycled polyester, Isko effectively reduces its dependence on petroleum as a raw material, ultimately reducing the overall carbon footprint of Isko fabrics,” the company said.

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