Spain-based Jeanologia said it launched a new technology that takes the industry to the “next level” through automation in textile manufacturing.

For Jeanologia, that next level is scalable sustainable production automized and digitized via Handman, an automation solution that enables sustainable manufacturing and production of up to 10,000 pairs of jeans per day.

Its technology is equipped with two lasers and a “robot cabinet” by which a human and a robot work together to produce jeans with scalability, agility, sustainability and efficiency, the company said.

“Two humans working with two robots can produce 10,000 vintage jeans in 24 hours without discharge,” Jeanologia said, adding that Handman is in use in three plants around the world, producing 5 million pairs of jeans annually.


Image courtesy of Jeanologia. 

Enrique Silla, chief executive officer, Jeanologia, said, “[The] future of our industry [is] where robots and humans work together [and] this is the only way to achieve clean and totally scalable production, with reduced costs, greater agility and a better production look.

“The way in which we produce a product becomes part of its DNA, which is why, if it is not produced in a sustainable way, it is impossible for the jean industry to be clean. Now is the moment to make this a reality and to do it in a radical and fast way. The future starts today,” Silla said.

Jeanologia explained that Handman is transformative for brands, retailers and producers, as it allows for swift and strategic interconnectedness. Brands can communicate directly with Handman and their own production centers, and designers send instructions directly to the production centers to communicate expectations.

“Moving from traditional transactions to more strategic and interconnected ones, for the first time, consumers and production centers will be connected, and brands will become creative platforms that allow for connection between consumer and producer.”

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