LONDON — Jochen Zeitz has been named a director of the board of PPR, for a four-year term, and will chair the French firm’s newly created sustainability committee. Zeitz, whose appointment is subject to shareholder approval, will continue as head of the company’s sport and lifestyle division and as its chief sustainability officer.


PPR said in a statement today it wants sustainability to be a “key driver” of the group. In his role as chief sustainability officer, Zeitz has begun putting together regular profit and loss accounts of select PPR companies’ impact on the environment. The accounts put a monetary value on a business’ use of green services across the supply chain and will be rolled out across PPR’s luxury, sport and lifestyle brands by 2015.


“In joining the board of directors, Jochen will bring us his valuable expertise and experience in his fields of excellence which are key drivers for PPR: Extensive knowledge of the sport and lifestyle sector, and also in sustainability,” stated François-Henri Pinault, PPR chairman and chief executive.


Zeitz stated, “In deciding to dedicate more of my time towards my initiatives around conservation and sustainability, I am also looking forward to providing continued support for PPR’s strategy in the sport and lifestyle division, and helping to guide the group’s sustainable development as a member of the board.”


In 2008, when he was chief executive of Puma, Zeitz introduced Puma Vision, which is aimed at developing initiatives to drive the brand to cleaner, greener, safer and more sustainable systems and practices. In April 2010, he launched Puma’s long-term sustainability program, and in May 2011 he developed and announced the environmental profit and loss account.


In October 2010, Zeitz was appointed chief sustainability officer at PPR, and soon after launched PPR Home, a new and multi-tiered sustainability initiative across the Group.

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