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Eburu has made it her mission to provide all people, with all skin tones, with clean formulated cosmetics that pay tribute to the inspirations of African queens.

When Chichi Eburu launched Juvia’s Place she immediately took action to fill the gaps in the market: products with ingredients that provide skin with benefits rather than harm, uncomplicated applications, and when it comes to makeup, colors that make an impact. And having captivated an audience with highly pigmented shades, Juvia’s Place earned a consumer base that quickly began asking for more.

Answering more than a few eager requests, according to Eburu, the company has announced the upcoming launch of, Juvia’s Skin, a high-performance skincare brand, will serve to cater to all skin concerns  with a line of result-oriented formulas that carry the brand’s same level of high-quality ingredients that promise to improve skin health.

Here, Eburu speaks to Fairchild Studio about the unique connection consumers have with Juvia’s Place, the evolving needs of today’s beauty consumers, and the launch of Juvia’s Skin.

Fairchild Studio: How would you describe the Juvia’s Place customer and what she is looking for in beauty?

 C.E.: Juvia’s Place customers have a strong sense of themselves. They want to express their feelings and emotions through our highly pigmented, professional quality makeup. And, as for our newest line, Juvia’s Skin, this was a creation specifically for our customers. Since launching in 2016, I cannot tell you how many times customers have asked us to produce a line of skincare products.

We’re very grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside industry-leading chemists and dermatologists. We’ve amassed a large consumer base that is anticipating the launch and we couldn’t be more excited.

Juvia's Skin

Juvia’s Skin.  Courtesy Image.

 Fairchild Studio: How does your brand forge an emotional connection to your customers?

C.E.: We’re professional quality – but we’re not just for the professionals!

We’ve worked really hard over the years to make our brand inclusive to all walks of life. You can see this come through in the models we select to work with and our partners — it’s something we’re really proud of. We believe our most loyal customers appreciate our approachability and our desire to appeal to all.

Fairchild Studio: How has the coronavirus pandemic impacted your customers’ shopping habits?

C.E.: The pandemic has brought a unique set of challenges for sure. Our site conversion rate has increased, showing customers are more willing to try our products in the comfort of their homes. Most of our customers are interested in accentuating their eyes and lips for their Zoom calls while also looking for nourishing ingredients in their lip products as we’re all a bit drier under our face masks.

Juvia's Skin

Juvia’s Skin  Courtesy Image.

Fairchild Studio: What do you see as the challenges for your customers in the skincare category, and how does Juvia’s Skin address that?

C.E.: Some of the challenges I have seen comes from the rising demand for fast visible results thereby creating an avenue for the introduction of gimmicky products from brands. It’s important to understand it takes time to experience great results and there’s a huge difference between gimmicks and effective products.

At the end of the day, customers want products that solve skin issues as quickly as possible. Juvia’s Skin addresses these issues and concerns in all skin types safely. We’re strong advocates for a holistic approach to self-care and skincare is just a part of it. Having time to care for your skin through our Egyptian regimen and methods is what sets us apart — our line is approachable and simple to follow so that everyone can indulge in the regimen, easily!

Juvia’s Skin is a very high-performance skincare brand that caters to all skin  concerns . A skincare line of high-quality result-oriented formulas that safely improves skin health. We’ve traveled worldwide to source and infuse the best ingredients and technology that provide effective products with great results. No Gimmicks. Just pure high-quality ingredients with proven results.

Juvia's Skin

Juvia’s Skin  Courtesy Image.

Fairchild Studio: How is your distribution strategy changing, and what role do physical stores play in that strategy?

C.E.: Our number one priority is to distribute our products through our online channel – that has always been our main focus. With the COVID 19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders, it has become more evident that Juvia’s Place and Juvia’s Skin will continue to focus on the growth of our online business which has continued to double in size year after year.

Collaborations with retail partners help expand our reach, introducing the brand to new customers. Our existing customers also have the opportunity to experience the products in stores.

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